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Since 2000

2017 TDK Bike Ride                            2017 TDK 5k Run/Fun Walk
2016 Bike Ride Results               2016 5k Run Results

2016 Bike Ride Results                          2016 5k Run Results

     Tour de Kale a non-profit organization,  A Fund-raising event for hardship medical cases in the Denton NC community Summit  135k ,120k, 110k,  60k and 25k Cycle events starts at  Denton Farmpark5k Night Run and 1 mile Walk  event at Harrison Park  in  Denton,NC. Our only goal is to promote fitness and help others who are less fortunate than us. Tour de Kale is held 3rd weekend in June annually.        
   TDK has drew an amazing response right from the get-go and continues to be a superbly organized and executed event. Very scenic, awesome support, good lunch {Bar-B-Que Chicken by Chapel Hill UMC} - more history  -  

Summit Challenge 8:00am   3rd. Sat. in June     

The Summit Challenge 135k and 120k will leave Farmpak at  8:00am Summit Challenge and 120k   
  The Summit boasts 90 mile views over High Rock Lake. There will be cash prizes for those who first reach the Summit.Top 10 Men and Top 3 Women. Elevation Detailed Map     more on events.....

Registration and Package Pickup 6:30AM - 8:00AM for all Cycle Events

110k,60k,25k Rides   8:30am    

 110k, 60k and  25k  events starts at Denton Farmpark  8:30am    Map it
Do Not Line Up with Summit Challenge unless you want to sit in line for 30 minutes, These Rides Start at  8:30am     Map it

 5 k Run   8:00pm    Harrison Park 
Registration and Package Pickup 6:30pm - 7:45pm 
Map it       

April10, 2011 TDK criterium Video by Keith Loflin - Video of TDK Crit Race by

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