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Hans Christoph Schoepplenberg

Hans Christoph was born on Christmas eve (24th December) 1927 in Greiffenberg in Schlesien which was then in Germany and is now in Poland. His parents were Heinrich (Heinz) Schoepplenberg and Margarete (born Mucha) and his sister was Rosemarie born in 1922 and the family lived at Bahnhof Strasse 62. His sister was called up during the war and served in the Luftwaffe. Later Christoph was also called up and served (it appears) in the Walloon Legion.

His father died on 7th April 1944

Christoph died on 5th Feb 1945 and was buried in Furstenwalde.

Rosemarie and her mother survived the war, Rosemarie married a British serviceman, Stanislaus and moved to the UK and Magarete settled in Westhofen in the Ruhrgebiet.

Hans-Christoph, his father Heinz
Mother, Margarethe and Aunts Lotte and Dora

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