How We Work

PR has always been a matchmaking art: pitching the right story to the right journalist (or blogger) in the right way at the right moment. The Internet has not changed the essential task, but it has added an arsenal of new forums and tools for narrowcasting as well as broadcasting a company's message to the media. At Sprung PR, we make full use of the Web's many resources for targeted PR, including: : 

  • Online versions of key print publications, with email links to the authors. Responses on behalf of a PR client to a reporter's latest article draw a relatively high return-response rate.

  • Proliferating blogs on major media websites, many of which have a voracious appetite for content and can be tracked throughout the day for postings that suggest avenues for client input.

  • Key niche blogs in every industry and sub-industry, who can be pitched to link to client content and client blogs as well as to post guest blog entries.

  • Search engines that make it easy to pull up a given journalist's recent articles. These start with Google but also include online publications' internal search engines and subscription-based databases like Dow Jones and Westlaw.

  • Profnet, the bulletin board for journalist's queries. Responses to these queries have probably 10x the response rate of broadcast press releases and pitches. 

  • Online news sites that publish wire stories as they hit or do their own intraday reporting. Picking up a story at 1:00 p.m. on sometimes makes it possible to get a client quoted or mentioned in another publication's slower-breaking (and more in-depth) coverage of the story, or in one of a wire report's serial updates.

  • Publications' beat lists and editorial calendars, available online.

  • Online newsletters that track journalists' job movements. Well-targeted email to someone who's new to a beat can bring a very fast response.

  • Electronic contacts databases that make it possible to craft and email-merge to comprehensive but well-targeted e-mailing press lists. 

  • Electronic searches that can quickly pull up a freelancer's or guest columnist's email address.
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