Who Are We?

Engineers for Social Responsibility Inc. (ESR) is an independent group of engineers who consider that being knowledgeable in the field of technology means that they also have a special obligation to the public at large. This includes raising the awareness of the engineering profession to the consequences of its activities and explaining and discussing the ramifications of developments in engineering and engineering works to the public. In these days of greater accountability, the professional can no longer hide behind a mask of “professionalism”.

Our History

ESR was established at an inaugural meeting in Wellington on 14 June 1983 chaired by Gerald Coates. More ...

Our Objectives

Our objectives are:

  1. To encourage and support social responsibility and a humane professional ethic in the uses of technology.

  2. To inform the engineering profession, general public and public policy makers about the impact of technology including both positive and negative effects.

More ...

Our Sister Organisations

ESR maintains contact with two related organisations overseas, and kept up contact with another until it closed down. More ...

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