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Auckland, Growth, Infrastructure and Aggregate Sustainability

Date and Time: Thursday, 20th July 2017, 6 pm

Venue: Business School, University of Auckland, Grafton Road, CaseRoom 1/260-005 (Building 260, Level 0, Lecture Room 05) (Owen Glenn Business School, Grafton Rd)


Dr Doug Wilson, Transportation Engineering Group Leader, The University of Auckland,

Emeritus Prof Philippa Black, Geology, The University of Auckland. 


The presentation will discuss a University of Auckland research project funded under the MBIE Energy and Minerals targeted research investment area (2014). 

This presentation will specifically discuss aggregates as a basic building block of both horizontal and vertical infrastructure alongside sustainability imperatives.  A case study will be used to demonstrate issues of aggregate resource, quality and geo-spatial location and the need to balance these against future demand and other important drivers for urban infrastructure (including population growth, housing affordability, urban boundaries, land use planning and consenting issues, travel and societal needs / wants, environmental and cultural aspects) all of which have an important impact on future aggregate supply, demand and cost to market.

The effects of the above issues will be introduced via a case study centred around sustainable planning for future aggregate resources in the Auckland and wider regions.  It is hoped the presentation will generate wide discussion and debate. 

Everyone is welcome – no registration required