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Engineers for Social Responsibility Inc

35th Annual General Meeting

Thursday 15 March 2018,  6.00pm

Room WZ137, ground floor of Auckland University of Technology School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, 34 St Paul Street, Auckland.

(This is the same room as last year, except that the room numbering has been changed as a result of the extension of the building.)

The Agenda will include:

Welcome and Apologies

Confirm Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting

Receive and accept Annual Report for 2017

Receive and Accept Financial Report for 2017

Set Subscription Rates for 2018

Election of Officers for 2018.  Nominations are called for these positions.





        General Business will then cover any other matters relevant to the AGM.

After the AGM, around 6.30 pm, there will be presentations and a discussion about

Proposals for a Zero Carbon Act

by Sir Alan Mark, Emeritus Professor and Chair, and colleagues from Wise Response Society, from Dunedin and Rhys Williams, Auckland campaign member of Generation Zero.

We plan to provide optional access to the AGM and the lecture via the internet.  To join, use your web browser to access this URL: .  Click on that link shortly before 6.00pm on Thursday 15 March to be connected to the link-up for the AGM and the lecture.