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Anthropogenic global warming -

Climate Change: the Cause, the Process and the Effect

Date and Time:   Thursday 19 October 2017, 6.00pm

Venue: Business School, University of Auckland, Grafton Road, CaseRoom 260-055  Owen Glenn Business School, Grafton Rd, Auckland.

Speaker Jeff Foley is an engineer with a history of researching and developing specialised systems for the improved engineering and management of overhead power lines.  One aspect, designing for reliability, involves the probability modelling of extreme weather.  This entails the study of climate change, which must now include the effects of anthropogenic climate forcing - and the unfolding of the implications of this unnatural forcing.

Abstract:  Jeff presents the story of climate change as anthroplgenic global warming, in three parts: the cause, the process and the effect.

In Part 1, the cause, we look at our careless and increasing burning of easily accessed ancient fossils to fuel our modern yet highly wasteful lifestyles.  This leads to an accelerating rate of carbon dioxide production.

In Part 2, the process, we look at the natural phenomenon of 'green house' warming and the role of atmospheric CO2 in climate forcing towards increased surface irradiance and temperature.  A model then makes practical predictions of the reults of increased CO2 over the next 100 years.

In Part 3, the effect, we look at the effects on the world's oceans and weather patterns with their flooding of shorelines to a depth of 60 m or more.

Everyone is welcome - no registration is required.

We plan to make this lecture available live on the internet via Zoom.  Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


  Future-Proofing Auckland 

Date and Time:  Thursday 21 November 2017,  6.00pm

Venue:  Business School, University of Auckland, Grafton Road, Building 260, Level 0 (down one level from street level) Lecture Room 40 B.

Speaker:  John Mauro, Chief Sustainability Officer, Auckland Council

Abstract:  Auckland’s current and future challenges - particularly rapid population growth, aging/changing infrastructure needs and climate impacts - require us to think differently about the future.  An integrated, strategic, and sustainable approach helps deliver better value to Auckland ratepayers – including social, economic and environmental benefits.  Tackling and adapting to climate change is a “must do” - and while it won’t be easy, it also poses tremendous opportunities. 

What are these opportunities and challenges?  What’s happening already, what can Auckland Council do and where do we need others’ help? Auckland’s taken a few bold steps, experimenting with new approaches to transport, the built environment, energy, waste – and it’s now time to accelerate and broaden this work. 

This presentation will explore a few of these examples and reflect on what the future holds.  It is hoped that the more generalist nature of this topic allows for an accessible and robust exchange of ideas and perspectives afterward.

Everyone is welcome – no registration required.

We plan to make this lecture live on the internet via Zoom.  The access details will be publicised once they are confirmed.