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The Big Do

Transition Engineering Lecture

The Transition Engineering research group at Canterbury University has carried out a Disruptive Discoveries project.  The results are revolutionary.  Professor Susan Krumdieck, the Christchurch based co-leader of the Global Association for Transition Engineering, will describe the project and the results and mission which is now being called “The Big DO”.

 This lecture is about 40 minutes and a discussion period after the lecture is planned to explore the implications of The Big DO on the transition of Auckland.

   6:00pm Monday 12th November 2018

   Case Room 1 / 260-005 

   Sir Owen G Glenn Building

  12 Grafton Road, Auckland    

Zoom access has been arranged.  Arrange a meeting room at your office or home, and join using PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: 

The Video Feed will run from 18:00 to 19:30

Further details on the meeting and lecture can be found on this PDF file here.


Electric Vehicles (EV) in NZ - a reality check

A talk by Eric Janseunne

Engineers for Social Responsibility

Auckland meeting

Wednesday 21 November 6.00pm.

University of Auckland.

Owen Glenn Business School, University of Auckland

Grafton Road, Auckland.

Room 260-040B

(Building 260, level 0 (one floor down from street level))


The growing use of EVs in New Zealand seems to be very promising in helping to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions

Many people consider EVs as the solution for NZ transport problems because the electricity for charging batteries is considered ‘clean’.  Using a message of NO FUEL and ZERO EMISSIONS though is very misleading and must be put in perspective.  Also a so-called “high degree of renewable power plants” does not make sense if a lot of energy is lost between primary input and end-user.  NZ’s electricity use is already one of the highest per capita worldwide.  Charging batteries for EVs will have a huge impact on NZ’s electricity generation and peak demand.

In this presentation we try to find answers on these and other questions:

 - "Zero emission" of renewable electricity does not exist, so how clean is “clean energy”?

 - Generating electricity, transporting and distributing and finally using it at home creates huge losses.  How efficient is electric charging?  What is the overall efficiency and ecological footprint?

 - The "never buy petrol again "myth becomes just "pay more for electricity" meaning changing one problem into another.  While the price for fast charging is already as high as the price for petrol, how will the electricity price evolve over time?

Eric Jansseune is a Professional Engineer with degrees in Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering (ME, Antwerp, Belgium).  He started his career as an Environmental Engineer in the fields of wastewater treatment and air pollution filtration.  Since then he has been responsible for the design and project engineering of numerous successful solar projects in many fields including passive, active, solar hot water heating, space heating, swimming pool heating, solar electric and solar cooling.  Eric now provides design, consulting, training and education services related to the development and installation of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Solar Applications.

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