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We publish a Newsletter from time to time, with news of ESR activities, articles and discussion on topics of interest.

The July 2017 Newsletter containts articles on:
 - Extracts from "We are wasting the beautiful world we have been given"
- Extracts from Clive Hamilton’s “Defiant Earth: The fate of humans in the Anthropocene”

- Plastic Waste
- Extracts from Skating on Thin Ice, Economist 29 April 2017
 - Generation Zero Launches Climate Act Initiative - NZ Climate Declaration
- North Island Main Trunk Line de-electrification.

The January 2017 Newsletter contains articles on:
 - Comment on moves towards reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
 - The warming Arctic
 - US Energy Production
 - Traditional car industry and climate change
 - Indian Firm makes carbon capture break-through
 - To deal with climate change we need a new financial system
 - (Un)Natural disasters: communicating linkages between extreme events and climate change
 - This is not normal - Climate researchers take to the streets to protect science
 - Nuclear weapons
 - UN moves towards a ban on nuclear weapons

The September 2016 Newsletter contains articles on:
 - A new type of politics could help prevent climate disaster
 - G20 will blow the Paris climate targets - report
 - Soaring ocean temperature is 'greatest hidden challenge of our generation'.
 - The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age.
 - Letter from UN Assn NZ requesting help on implementation of the goals and targets of UN Sustainable Development Goals
 - Meeting Notice for ESR in Auckland on 20 October 2016.

The July 2016 Newsletter contains articles on
- New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions
- Global warming is already having major impacts
- What would a global increase of 1.5 C be like?
- Can we reduce CO2 emissions and grow the global economy?
- Electric vehicles
- Auckland Climate Change Forum Scoping meeting
- Carbon capture and storage
- Urban sprawl
- ESR Climate Change Papers update
- Engineers Without Borders annual conference.
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