ESR produces a regular Newsletter of 16 to 20 pages which is mailed out to all financial members four or five times a year.

Newsletters give notice of coming meetings and contain reports of meetings and discussions on other issues of importance.  For example, the July 2011 issue contained:-

  • Notices of the Auckland Branch July meeting, “White roofs: a win-win solution for cooling buildings and the planet"  and the August meeting "Transport for a high energy cost future",
  • Report on the April lecture on "Inductive Power Transfer: Powering our future",
  • Report on the May public lecture by Dr James Hansen on "Climate Change: a Scientific, Legal and Moral Issue”,
  • Report on the June lecture on "Performance of masonry buildings in the Christchurch earthquakes",
  • Report of a call for a 10-year moratorium on new coal mining proposals,
  • Report on a call for reinstatement of the Hampden legendary "village man",
  • An update on progress towards global ratification of the Cluster Munition Convention,
  • Brief report on the release of the IPPC Report on Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation,
  • Report on the award of the 2011 Peacemakers Prize to former ESR member Dorothy Brown,
  • Comment from the President.

 Selected articles can be found on the Selected Articles page. <Link to Newsletter Selected Articles page under construction.>



Public Meetings

 The Auckland Branch of ESR holds regular monthly open meetings from March to November every year, normally on the third Thursday of the month, at 8.30pm.  Invited guest speakers address us on topics related to their particular expertise.

Waikato, Wellington and Christchurch branches also hold meetings from time to time.

Details of coming meetings are given on the Coming Events page.


Climate Change Fact Sheets

Engineers for Social Responsibility and the Sustainable Energy Forum are concerned about the consequences of human-induced climate change and global warming and the need for widespread understanding of the facts and underlying science.

Our combined organisations have prepared a series of discussion sheets and further papers will be published soon.  Each paper is peer reviewed by top professionals with specialist knowledge about the topic being described.

The Papers can be found on the Climate Change Papers page of this website.



ESR held Annual one-day Conferences regularly from 1984 until recently.  They were usually held either immediately before or after the IPENZ Conferences.  This enabled those attending the IPENZ Conference or Convention to come for an inspiring day, hearing experienced speakers describe issues of social and ethical interest to engineers of all ages and disciplines.  Since IPENZ has now discontinued its annual Convention ESR has endeavoured to arrange a date and venue to suit ESR members.

Most recently, a two-day tele-conference was held in November 2010, with five venues in the main centres being linked by high-grade audio and video circuits.  Two more venues were linked by audio only.  Speakers in five centres gave presentations on a wide range of topics to a total attendance of about 4 or 5 times what we might have expected at a single venue conference, with a considerable saving in travel and accommodation costs.  See the Signs of Change website for further details of the speakers and their presentations.

Future Conferences will be advertised on the Coming Events page.



From time to time ESR makes submissions to Local Bodies or to Government, on issues of concern.  These submissions are listed on the Submissions page.


Media Releases

From time to time ESR issues Media Releases on matters of importance.  These Media Releases are listed on the Media Releases page.


Position Papers

From time to time ESR prepares Position Papers which state ESR's viewpoints, with the intention of providing useful guidance on particular topics.  They can be accessed from the Position Papers page.


Members’ Papers

Members’ Papers have been prepared by ESR Members and although not official policy, are presented with the purpose of providing a viewpoint and information.  They can be accessed from the Members' Papers page.


ESR YahooGroup Discussion

If you would like to join the ESR email discussion group, you should send a blank email message to .

Later, if you wish to drop out of the group, that is as easy as sending an email message to .