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Who Are We?

Engineers for Social Responsibility Inc. is an independent group of engineers who consider that being knowledgeable in the field of technology means that they also have a special obligation to the public at large. This includes raising the awareness of the engineering profession to the consequences of its activities and explaining and discussing the ramifications of developments in engineering and engineering works to the public. In these days of greater accountability, the professional can no longer hide behind a mask of “professionalism”.

Coming Events

The Big DO

Transition Engineering Lecture

The Transition Engineering research group at Canterbury University has carried out a Disruptive Discoveries project.  The results are revolutionary.  Professor Susan Krumdieck, the Christchurch based co-leader of the Global Association for Transition Engineering, will describe the project and the results and mission which is now being called “The Big DO”.

   6:00pm Monday 12th October 2018

   Case Room 1 / 260-005 

   Sir Owen G Glenn Building

  12 Grafton Road, Auckland 

For further details see the notice on the Coming Events page.


Electric Vehicles (EV) in NZ – a reality check

A talk by Eric Janseunne

Engineers for Social Responsibility

Auckland meeting

Wednesday 21 November 6.00pm.

University of Auckland.

Owen Glenn Business School, University of Auckland

Grafton Road  Auckland.

Room 260-040B

The growing use of EVs in New Zealand seems to be very promising in helping to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.  But there are challenges in achieving the expected good results.  In this lecture we look at some of these and their likely effects.

For further details see the notice on the Coming Events page.


Hot News

Submission on the CPTPP Amendment Bill

Our submission on the CPTPP Amendment Bill is now online on the Submissions Page.

Submission for the Zero Carbon Bill

Our submission on the proposed Zero Carbon Bill is online on the Submissions page.

The Kiwi Bottle Drive

The PowerPoint slides of our 20 June 2018 public lecture, The Kiwi Bottle Drive, are now online on the Members' Papers page.

June 2018 Newsletter

The June 2018 ESR Newsletter is now online on the Newsletters page of this website.

February 2018 Newsletter
The February 2018 ESR Newsletter is now online on the Newsletters page of this website.

Submission on the Draft 2018 GPS on Land Transport

ESR is pleased to see a move away from excessive reliance on road construction towards an
approach which places more emphasis on investment in public transport, walking and cycling and supports more efficient land use development less reliant on travel by car.  ESR also supports a greater emphasis on travel demand management, and on measures to reduce environmental effects including greenhouse gas emissions.  The submission can be accessed from the Submissions page of this website.

High Expectations for the Climate Commission;

Will Government's action push us fast enough?

Immediately after the March 2018 annual general meeting of Engineers for Social Responsibility Inc, a seminar was presented, covering the issues behind the push for the establishment of a Climate Change Commission.  The slides displayed as part of that presentation are on the Members' Papers page of this website, as a PDF file.


Revised Paper in Climate Change Section
A Paper in the Climate Change Papers section of this website has been updated to version 5.8.  It is 13 Climate change – New Zealand and International Response    by Peter Whitmore


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