Q. Innovative Technology to Support Pedagogy

What is new technology?  In education, chalk and slate were once considered radical new technology. Today, the list of new technologies and their uses change almost daily. For additional discussion on this topic and examples of how to use a variety of technologies for ILI, see Chapter 15, "Using Technology to Support Pedagogy," in: Grassian, Esther S. and Kaplowitz, Joan R. 2009. Information Literacy Instruction: Theory and Practice. 2d edition. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.

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Joyce Valenza's Tools

Joyce Valenza's "Research Tools" guide links to many more innovative tools that may be used or adapted for information literacy instruction at various levels and different audiences, including: thesis generators (in the Thesis Development tab), mind-mapping tools (in the Organizing Your Project tab), digital storytelling tools and digital publishing tools (in the Communicating tab), and copyright friendly/Creative Commons Licensed Media (in the Copyright Friendly/Creative Commons tab).

Her New Tools guide provides links to a great number of useful tools, including image tools, video tools, digital storytelling, game generators, an iPad tab with information on what iPads are and links to many ideas for using them in teaching and learning.

Information Literacy Portals (Recommended by Joyce Valenza)

Visualization Tools in Teaching

Some technology tools can help students visualize data and develop products that support their research.

Blended Instruction

Although a bit dated, the following items may be useful in considering use of "blended instruction" (part online and part in-person):

Grassian, Esther, et al. 2005. UCLA Information Literacy Program. Blended Instruction Course (BICo) Task Force Report.

Twigg, Carol A. 2003. "Improving Learning and Reducing Costs: New Models for Online Learning." Educause Review 43, no.1. [pdf]
More Technology Tools in Teaching

Check the comprehensive "Learning Objects" guide created by Lori Mestre (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library), with categorized links, including Quiz/Survey, Games, and Mashups and Miscellanea.

The tools below may also help learners achieve expected learning outcomes. 

  • PollEverywhere  
    Create audience response polls/surveys - free site.
  • Puzzlemaker
    Create a variety of puzzles - free site
  • Screencast-O-Matic (SOM)
    Free, easy to use screen and audio video recordings, up to 15 minutes.
  • Second Life  
    3D virtual world. Basic accounts are free, but you must download and install SL software in order to participate. System requirements: http://bit.ly/D8KBv
  • Twitter  
  • VoiceThread  
    Allows text and video annotation of videos.