Trampoline Policy


Trampolines can provide a fun way for children to access exercise which aids their physical development. While the incidents of injuries to children on trampolines have risen dramatically along with their popularity, we believe that with safety measures in place children can enjoy the trampoline and help to prevent injuries.


The trampoline is sited and secure according to the manufacturer’s instructions and will only be used with the safety net and safety pads in place. Regular checks will be carried out to make sure the trampoline is in good condition. If any damage is discovered, the trampoline will not be used. Guidelines from the manufacturer on the age of children using the trampoline will be strictly adhered to and the trampoline will not be used on wet or very windy days.

No items will to be stored or placed under the trampoline and the children are prevented from going underneath the trampoline for any reason.

Only children whose parents/carers have given written consent will be permitted to use the trampoline. Children will be supervised at all times while using the trampoline with only one child at a time being permitted to use the trampoline. Children must remove shoes and any loose jewellery before going on the trampoline. Children will not be allowed to take any additional items onto the trampoline. Children must stop bouncing before climbing off the trampoline and are not permitted to bounce off.

We have checked that our public liability insurance covers children using a trampoline.