Smoking Policy


We understand the importance of children not being exposed to passive smoking. Evidence shows that passive smoking increases the risk to young children developing lower respiratory tract infections which can result in hospitalisation. We are committed to ensuring that children are not exposed to passive smoking while in our care.


No-one living or working in the childminding setting smokes. Visitors are not permitted to smoke in the house at any time. Visitors are not permitted to smoke in the garden while minded children are present. For health and safety reasons all smoking residue will be removed before minded children attend.

When on outings care will be taken to avoid areas where members of the public are smoking. If someone starts smoking in the vicinity of the minded children when we are out and about we will either move or we will ask the person to stop smoking around the children.

We will not visit premises that we know are used by smokers while caring for minded children unless we can ensure that adequate ventilation of the rooms is possible before children enter.