Emergency Evacuation Procedure

Emergency Evacuation Procedure


We are committed to ensuring that the children in our care are kept safe at all times and will take all necessary steps to aid this. However, there may be incidents outside our control, such as fire, flood or any other emergency, that mean that we need to evacuate the premises and/or area quickly and the following procedure will be followed to help keep the children safe.


We aim to carry out practice evacuations to help the children to become familiar with the procedure that will be used in an emergency and to help prevent anxiety if an emergency should happen. Practice evacuations will be carried out at my premises to ensure that all of the children take part and a written record will be made. All children will be made aware of exits and the meeting point and these are clearly identifiable on my emergency evacuation plan.

In the event of an emergency situation, we will evacuate the building/area using the safest exit route available to us. We will take with us our attendance register, a mobile phone that is charged and has credit. As soon as we are all safely outside, We will contact the relevant emergency service if this has not already been done by another member of the public. We will fully comply with advice and instructions from the emergency services.

We will reassure any children who may be alarmed or upset by the event and arrange for a safe place to go to and wait until the emergency is over. We will aim to contact all the children’s parents/carers and ask that the children are collected as soon as possible.