Health and Safety Policy


We are committed to providing an environment where hazards and risks are identified and dealt with swiftly in order for children to play and learn in a safe environment. By ensuring the premises are kept clean and tidy and by including children in hygienic procedures, we believe children can develop healthy practices which they will abide by into adulthood.

Safety procedures

The front door is kept locked to prevent children leaving without adult supervision or unauthorised adults entering the house and the key is kept in the vicinity of the door for easy access in case of emergency, but out of the reach of the children.

Safety equipment suitable for the age and development of minded children is in place and checked regularly e.g. safety gates, cupboard locks etc. All equipment is regularly checked and replaced if observed to be faulty. All high chairs and buggies are fitted with 5-point harnesses and only car seats bought from new and suitable for the weight of the child and the car are used. Cleaning products and sharp objects such as knives are kept in a locked cupboard or out of the reach of children. All toys are regularly checked and if broken or soiled are removed immediately. All toys and equipment are checked to ensure they meet British and European Standards of safety.

There is at least one smoke alarm on each level of the house and the batteries are regularly checked to ensure they are working. There is a fire blanket on the wall in the kitchen. An emergency evacuation plan is available for parents on request and exits that can be used in the event of an emergency are kept free from obstruction. Regular fire drills are carried out with all children so that they can respond and evacuate the house quickly in the event of an emergency.

The garden is totally enclosed with catches on the gate out of the reach of young children. Garden tools, pesticides and gas cylinders are kept locked away. There are no poisonous or very prickly plants within reach of children. Any low level glass in greenhouses, sheds or outhouses is either safety glass or protected by safety film. Any water present in the garden is made safe. Pathways, steps and patios are maintained to ensure they are secure and level.

Health procedures

The childminding setting is registered with the local Environmental Health Department. Foods are prepared, stored and cooked following the Safer Food Better Business for Childminders guidance produced by the Food Standards Agency. This includes storing foods according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the use of fridge and freezer storage which has the temperature monitored regularly. Only food in date will be given to the children. Separate chopping boards are used for raw and cooked meat and all food preparation surfaces are cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner after use.

Children are encouraged to wash their hands before eating, after using the toilet, playing with pets, messy play etc. and children’s hand towels are regularly laundered to help prevent the spread of infection. Nappy changing mats are hygienically cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaner after each use. Toilets are cleaned daily with bleach or anti-bacterial cleaner and floors are kept clean by vacuuming, sweeping or mopping on a regular basis and as needed. Any spills or fluids including bodily fluids are cleaned up immediately and the area disinfected if appropriate.

Accidents are responded to and reported according to my accident and incident policy.