We are (practically) on our way!

posted Jun 10, 2011, 3:09 AM by Maia Andréasson
Sunday we leave for Minneapolis and we are currently madly busy checking of items on lists, filling electronic forms to get into the US, contacting language consultants, arranging for meetings, checking phone numbers and addresses. We have the recording equipment in our carry on bags in case something will go wrong with our checked in luggage. 

We have already heard from several of the people that we have contacted by mail and e-mail and that feels good. Among other things we got a kind invitation to join in a Midsummer celebration in Mora, Minnesota next Friday! With Midsommarstång and all.

In Sweden, the very archetype of a Midsommarfest is one in Dalarna, where Swedish Mora is situated, so we were of course very excited about getting this invitation. We only hope for nice weather too. In Sweden the Midsommar parties often are quite rainy and windy. So often actually, that a company one year advertised that the customers would get 50% back on any purchase in case there was no rain on the Midsommar eve.

Anyhow, you will hear more from us during the stay in Minnesota June 12th–21st.

/Maia Andréasson