SusieCool's Band History Part 1.2

Post date: Jun 8, 2009 10:19:46 PM

1986-87 After a slight reorganization, there was a name change to WOW

(works of women). The band dropped Winsome, and took on a new member,

Olafunke, and they continued to play quite frequently. Then an offer came up

to be hired by a local Theatre group called "Sistren" as the musical background

for their play called "Muffett inna all a Wi". The music was mostly original reggae,

written by Winston Bell (Bello). WOW would open the show with a 30 min set

of their music.

Sistren did an island tour of Jamaica, while they perfected the play.

(They had a basic structure which they tweaked constantly).

Then they went on tour to London, Holland and Birmingham for 7 weeks.

In 87 they went to Canada, and the USA, and then Susie got married and left the band.