Patois Chronicles - Jamaican Folk music, storytelling and improv comedy

Special Announcement !!

SusieCool and Heather Peynado will be performing the

"Patois Chronicles"

With Storytelling and folk songs by Heather Peynado, accompanied by SusieCool on guitar and drum.

Wit and humor are a key feature.

They are available for houseparties and other functions.

30 to 45 minute sets are recommended.


This is a performance piece in speech, music, acting and dance

It shows a slice of life in days gone by in Jamaica

It uses several traditional folk songs as well as original songs

The underlying message is that we all live in �Season Time�

Starring: Heather Peynado-McPherson (Author)

Support staff: Susan Foster-Trewick

Aston Peynado

Olwen Urquhart

Michael Scantlebury

First Show performed at a house party 11/19/2005


�A dynamic exhibition of Jamaican culture (as it used to be) in a one-woman play� (Kent Trewick)

�Very entertaining and engaging� (Roxie Steadman)