CD Info

SusieCool Live @ Rubicon

1 Computer Love (Live)

2 Dream Falling

3 Home In The Sky

4 One Of These Days

5 Satirical Blues

6 Computer Love (Susie Studio)

7 And a Day

8 Never Too Old

9 Everybody Need a Little Love Sometimes

10 I Want To Mambo

SusieCool and the Coolottes in Rehearsal

Track listing:

1) Lovers Rock

2) Cold Cold Ground

3) Let's Go Dancing

4) I Won't Stay Here and Cry

5) Time Has Come

6) Jamaica Sunlight

7) If You Don't Come Home

8) Ja Rasafari

9) I Want to Mambo

SusieCool and Friends

"A Bull on the Roof"

(Home Studio Recording)

1. Home in the Sky

2. Dream Falling

3. A Bull on the Roof

4. We Were New

5. Hey There

6. Computer Love

7. Life is Short

SusieCool Live 2 @ Ruby Tuesdays

1. Computer Love (Susie studio)

2. Fly with the Airwaves

3. Rainbow Song

4. I Want to Mambo

5. Extraterrestrial

6. Smarten up

7. Lost Love

8. Without your Love


CD description:

A live solo performance at Sharon's

house party

1) Butterflies And Goosebumps

2) Jamaica Sunlight

3) Recover From Recovery

4) Time Has Come

5) Let's Go Dancing

6) Ja Rastafari

7) I Want To Mambo

8) I Won't Stay Here And Cry

9) Satirical Blues

10)Computer Love

11)My Medication

12)Home In The Sky

13)The Rainbow Song

14)Never Too Old


UPCOMING CD Features the "Tissue Police!!!"

Graphic design by Janet Reedy

Tentative Song List: Spectrohm

01 Florida in my Shoes (w/Matt Griffin)

02 Time to be alone (w/Roger Foster)

03 Tissue Police (w/Kent Trewick/Lisa Firestone)

04 Peace Matra-Om Shanti

05 Haya Safari (w/Kent Trewick)

06 Luv-er me (w/Lisa Firestone)

07 Still don't Know What we're fighting for (w/Kent Trewick)

08 Elephant Man (w/Kent Trewick)

09 Worst Nightmare (w/Stephen Desjardins)

10 Television Watch You (w/Lisa Firestone)

11 Crazy Again (w/Kent Trewick)

12 Saturday Morning (w/Lisa Firestone)

13 Babylon (w/Kent Trewick)

14 It's Time (w/Lisa Firestone)

15 Chicken Coup D'etat (w/Kent Trewick)

16 Kiss Hello Goodbye (w/Rick Sweeting)



01 New Age Celtic (Instrumental)

02 Time to be Alone

03 Om Shanti Peace Song

04 I Won't Stay Here and Cry

05 Kiss Hello Goodbye

06 If You Don't Come Home

07 My Medication

08 Cold Cold Ground

09 Elephant Man

10 Crazy Again

11 Lover's Rock

12 Tissue Police

13 Time Has Come

14 Home in the Sky

15 The Rainbow Song

16 Dream Falling

17 And a Day

18 Computer Love

19 Love and Chocolate

20 I Want to Mambo

21 Let's go Dancing