SusieCool's Band History part 1

SusieCool's Band History

1972 SusieCool's first band was in High school in Jamaica.

They didn't have a name, but her friends Anne Pilgrim, Robert Davies and Joy McKie joined her on stage to sing a song written by Joy called "One More Day".

Susie still sings that song to this day. They were also commissioned to write songs for an Easter, and a Christmas show by her neighbor and mentor, Phil Palisser. Robert (known as Bob) would teach her a lot of guitar chords, and songwriting techniques.

1974 The next band was with two friends. Ainsley Deer and Kate Davies. Ainsley sang and played guitar, and Kate played flute and sang. They played on the local TV station for a special which Ainsley was the host of. Jeff Cobbham played classical guitar. They were called "Melting Pot".

1978 The next band was in college in Scotland. They were called "Best Forgotten". Some of the members were Rod, Brian and Bob Garrioch (who she wrote a song with called "The Rainbow Song").

They played cover songs mostly by Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens. Rod was the leader, and he did most of the singing.

They rehearsed a lot, and played one show in the college cafeteria.

1982 Back in Jamaica again, she joined a band called "The Eclectics", headed up by a gifted musician Conroy Cooper. They were joined by Debbie Tenn, who was the lead singer. Susie sang backup and played guitar. They played cover songs, and played a few shows.

1984-85 Susie answered an ad in the newspaper, (at her stepmother's urging), and she auditioned for the part of guitarist with an all-female band. The band's name was PEP. The Band's manager, Harold (Junior) Bailey, was a member of a well-known local band called "Fab Five".

PEP was able to open for them at many concerts, and they backed several singers such as Nadine Sutherland, Sophia George and Carlene Davis. The members were Winsome Gregory (Bass), Sandie Shelton (guitar), June Hoilett (Keyboards), Marcia Moore (Drums), Susan Foster (rythmn guitar), and Virginia Henriques as lead singer. They played mostly top 40 and reggae.

They rehearsed a lot, and were playing at least once a week for most of the time they were together.

PEP 1985

Front row: Virginia-Lead Vocals, Susan-Guitar/Vocals, Sandie-Guitar/Vocals, Marcia-Drums/Vocals,

Back row: Winsome-Bass/Vocals, June-Keyboards.

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