CFF Songwriters

Bluebird style Songwriters round - Performers


Wed Oct 17, Doug Spears, Sheryl Paige, Jeff Howell

Wed Nov 21, Bob Rafkin, Cyd Ward, Ken Skeens, Leigh Goldsmith


Wed Jan 16, Magda Hiller, Larry Mangum, Rog Lee

Wed Feb 20 Lathan Hudson, Sharon Osuna and Barry Brogan, Austin Church and Jay Smith, Mike Runion and Pam Jacobs,

wed mar 19, Invitational!!

JD Smith, Jeff Frieburg, Rog Lee, Bill Whitacre, Jenn Weidley, Ennis Pruitt, Mike Meredith, Joe Waller

wed April 16, Bill Whitacre, Jeff Frieberg, Joe Waller

wed May 21, Ennis Pruitt, JD Smith, Rog Lee

wed June 18, Jenn Weidley, SusieCool, Lisa Firestone

Wed July 16 Open Mic, Jeff Mason, Jeri Simpson, Bob Stormcrow Sanders, Shaun, Bill Jickell, Jennifer Weidley, SusieCool

Wed August 20 No round this month, Bob Rafkin event.

Wed September 17 Open Mic, Ennis Pruit hosting, Ruth King, SusieCool, Jim Allen, John Cunningham, Jeri Simpson, Ennis Pruitt

Wed October 15 Charlie Mehrmann, Bill and Eli, Asli Goncer

Wed November 19 Garrison Doles, Terri Binion, Jeri Simpson

Wed December 17 "Duelling Duos" Hanna's Whirl, Robin and Eddy, Starbird


Wed January 21 Barb Ryman, Ryan Winford, Tina Eno (To be rescheduled)

Wed Feb 18 "Titusville crew" Sharon Osuna, Lathan Hudson, Steve Hodak

Wed March 18 Sandz of Time, Mark Smith, Sheryl Paige

Wed April 15 TAX day!!! B Sanders (substitute), Michael Barry, Sean Evan

Wed May 20 Fred Cantor, Vick DeGiorgio @ Infusion

Wed June 17 Ryan Winford, Tina Eno, Doug Spears @ Cafe Unique

Fri June 19 Songwriters Showcase at Music Shack Jim Rice, Al Scortino, Jenn Weidley, Ben Dehart, Jim Allen, Dan Gribbin, Doug Spears, Host: SusieCool

Fri July 17 Stephen Grayce, Melanie Fisher, Jim Allen @ Music Shack

Fri August 21 Joe Mark, Jeff Mason, Tony Amadore @Music Shack

Fri September 18 Bob Stormcrow Sanders, Ken Austin, Buck Snelson @Music Shack

Wed October 21 Al Sciortino,, Dave Grooms, Mike Fred @ Cafe Unique

Fri November 27 "Songwriters' Invitational" Tony Macaluso (host), Tim Lancaster, Jeff Mason, Jeri Long Sompson, Jjohn Martino, SusieCool and Stuart Hall @ Music Shack

2010 (The format changed to having a featured performer for a 45 min set, followed by an open mic or song circle)

Fri January 22 Asli Goncer and Nelson "Spike" Dean, followed by an open mic with Tony Manfetano, Kristen Bruno, John M Cunningham @ Music Shack

February Shootout/song circle @ Music Shack

Wed March 24 Bill and Eli Perras followed by song circle @ Dandelion Communitea Cafe

Wed April 28 Sharon Osuna, Song Circle @ Dandelion

Wed May 26 Sarah Purser, Song Circle @ Dandelion

Wed June 30 Jonathan Silva, Song Circle @ Dandelion

Wed July 28 Brian Smalley, Song Circle @ Dandelion

Wed August 25 Larry Mangum, Song Circle @ Dandelion

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