SCOD Thesis 2000

The Sustainable Community for Organic Dwelling

Master of Architecture Drogo Hawthorn Empedocles

Table of Contents:

 1. Statements

          Manifesto Declaration - Presupposition Assumptions


                Intro Prolog

2. Methodology



            Theory Gallery

            Theory Themes    (for 3+ clients)

                (1) Environmentalism & Ethics

                   (2) Philosophy & Psychology

                   (3) Aesthetics & Linguistics

                   (4) History & Politics

                   (5) Spirituality

            Theory Theme CONCLUSIONS

3. Proposed Designs

          Site Analysis / Existing Conditions

            Site PlansLandscape Drawings

           Building Drawings 

                Medieval Public Tavern / Video "Hearth Hall"

                 Farm-House Dwellings

                 Out-sheds, Garden Follies, & Ruins

                 Details & Sketches

4. Resources

          Case Studies

                Image Gallery of Case Studies




            Pipedream Pub Library Subjects



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