SCOD Grey Hoods online 
Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development "Gray Members"










Blacksmith Cordite is a founding member of SCOD. 

(see PDP Tontine Triad)

The middle path, steel, and stone strength.  Crom does not often mettle in the affairs of mere mortals.

Scorpion the Traveller, is now known as Scorpi of SCOD 

(Member 2004-2010). 

"We are the Knights who say Nigh!" 

Grey Hood Hooligan is a SCOD Associate Member (see Youtube).

There has got to be another way...


Alternative political choices are the mark of an individual.  

Anarchy is not necessarily the same as chaos.

Agnosticism admits the unknowable.

Atheism exists without Religion.


The Grey neutral area between black & white is commonly reality for most mundane people, but they do not meditate to realize the meaning of this.  

After the shades of grey have been analyzed in relation to life, a phenomenological understanding can self-motivate an individual to a transcendental existence.