SCOD Red Hood 
Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development

"Red" refers to passion, energy, enthusiasm, heat, fire, blood, love, and anger.

"Red Hood" refers to Little Red Riding Hood (us) vs The Big Bad Wolf (Corporate Giants); and also the term "Paint the Town Red"!  Using the color "RED" evokes within us feelings of anger and love, two seemingly opposing yet directly connected emotions.  America uses red as a National Color (flag), and associated with the red and politics we feel anger and love regarding decisions our leaders make.

Revolutions and Governments often use the color red to motivate people. RED ALERT!!! RED was part of The American Revolution, Civil War, and Communist Revolutions around the World.  The Russian Revolution actually began by supporting artists and architects called "Constructivists", who eagerly spread RED. 

 Unfortunately, many positive movements are eventually ruined by dictators, and the symbolism of blood and anger once again represents fear imposed by oppression, but this time the authoritarianism is maintained by the usurpers.

Do not ever let the awareness of RED die!!! Join us in helping to stay positive and constructive:

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