SCOD Green

All that pertains to the positive aspects of Nature;

Growth, Agriculture, Horticulture, Herbalism, Gardens,

Photosynthesis, and Economic / Financial stimulus.

The terms "Green House" and "Green Hood" are metaphors for related SCOD themes.

From actual structures for growing plants, to environmentally conscious neighbor"hoods".  

Growth of organic vegetation is naturally Sustainable for human civilization. 

Cooperative networking is important for healthy Communities to thrive.

Organic Bio-Diversity ensures survival of humans despite mono-culture vulnerabilities.

Development of Sustainable Organic Cooperatives is important to our future.

Also "Green Hood" refers to Robin Hood.



Drogo Greenhood Empedocles






Cordite The Green Woodsman                                                                                                   

SCOD Organic Farms and Gardens

SCOD Woodworking, Carpentry, and Trees