Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development

SCOD design theory for clients, communities, and artists. 

Alternative Organic Architecture since 2000

SCOD Definition

S.C.O.D. is the 'Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development', a grass-roots non-profit educational, design, and publishing group. Lower-case 'scod' can be used to express sub-genres of the environmental movement, perma-culture, bio-design, history, education, and alternative architecture that resemble SCOD Thesis criteria (alternative utopian eclectic humanist concepts). SCOD uses philosophical theory to practice architectural art work for clients, communities, and provide public education. SCOD's main focus has been to research, design, communicate, and support individuals, homesteads, organic villages, cooperatives, and world-wide networks. Sustainable work means meeting needs of the now, while planning a better future; because Sustainability studies durability and adaptation.

 - Watercolor painting by Samatha Symonds


"The Sustainable Community for Organic Dwelling"

This refers to the SCAD Architectural Thesis Published in 2000. The Thesis actually designed for a specific community based on individual clients. A real site was chosen and investigated for the actual possibility of acquisition. The project was graded "A" by professors at SCAD, and used to award a Masters Degree in Architecture. This was the beginnings of the continuing and ongoing project SCOD, where the words Community and Dwelling are replaced with Cooperative and Development. The Pipedream Pub was established by the Tontine Triad at RWU.  "The Pub", as it is affectionately known, stands for the social commonality of humans, and a philosophical temple for the Tontine Triad (aka Drogo, Cordite, and SimaKe).  A Triumvirate of ideological knowledge formed the basis of the Pub (aka Empedocles, Nietzsche, and Laotzu).  Two abstracted characters from seemingly opposing theories, brought together by a third, provided a client framework for the Pub and inspiration for continued design work.

"The Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development"

SCOD using the word 'Development' refers to the organization of any scod members, general scod works, scod villages, and group process. From the Thesis project, SCOD evolved into a broader search for a viable real-world site, and perpetual attempts to catalog, document, and communicate with other existing alternative communities all over the World. SCOD seeks to include all those that want to practice its mission statements, and add their own style to the label. SCOD is an alternative to mainstream modes of thought, because it is by its very definition a plethora of independent minds and ideas bent on dealing with Military Industrial Complex problems by co-creating New-Age arts and designs. Sustainability is the evaluation of how long architecture can or should be maintained regarding ecology, society, and technology during time periods.


SCOD Mission Statements



SCOD Chronological Evolution

* 1994 The Pipedream Pub was formed at RWU

* 2000 SCOD Architectural Thesis was published at SCAD

* 2002 Website for "SCOD Fallout" Film published

* 2003 SCOD Community Outreach: Armory Pub, Jefferson County AHA

* 2004 SCOD Community Outreach: Claymont, Pagans, Homeless, ATC, NPS 

* 2005 SCOD Theory taught at Shepherd College's "Environmental Architecture" Class

* 2006 SCOD works with Pagan and Christian Air Force Chaplains

* 2007 SCOD Greenhood Video Channel began leading to over 1,000 subscribers

* 2008 Website published to link multiple pages

* 2009 SCOD Public Blog began publishing articles

* 2010 SCOD Thesis published on Amazon and Kindle as a book

* 2012 SCOD Music Creative Commons Collaborations on Facebook & Reverb Nation

* 2013 SCOD Council formed by vote, President elected. 

* 2014 SCOD Boe Missouri Farm Project proposed. SCOD partners with AMM for music.

* 2015 Karen Boe and Aeyla Love post regularly in Facebook SCOD group.

* 2016 Three SCOD fantasy novels started; HF Outdoor Festival to Preserve Potomac; Road Trip West 1 'Cahokia'

* 2017 SCOD School lectures; Green Awards; Music Collaborations; Road Trip West 2 'Schoenshire'

* 2018 SHOP Book 1; Arboritecture, Green Awards; Road Trip West 3 'Arcosanti'

* 2019 SHOP Book 2; Green New Deal; Flora Project; Road Trip West 4 'Meadow Loft'



SCOD VIDEO GAME:  SCOD Quest 1: Fight for the Forest and Search for Community 

2020 SCOD Awards: Event Hosting, Historic Preservation, & Creative Thinking - Chris Robinson

2019 SCOD Awards: Solar - Beamer; Wildlife - Mystic Meadows; Micro-greens - Tamtam

2018 SCOD Awards:  Green Garden - Tom 'Chuckles' ; Green International - Priestess Nina (Canada) ; Solar Pagan - Jenny Wren ; Community Economics - Vendoni Woodfairy

2017 SCOD Awards:  Ecological Protest - granted to Hands Across the Potomac, Jessie East ; Green International - granted to Samantha Symonds for her excellent SCOD Poster Painting ; Green National Outreach - Aeyla Love 


Drogo Empedocles is an artist, architect, and author. He founded SCOD as a way to work on his own projects with his friends. Drogo uses multi-media to study sustainability and organic designs. His favorite job is teaching with his post-graduate continuing education.

More about SCOD:

The word "SCOD" is a symbol for all or any of the various aspects it represents, such as an expression describing eclectic alternative and environmental thought or design. Many different forms of media are inspired by SCOD, just as SCOD is inspired by many forms of media. The SCOD media concept is attempted self-sustainability by integrated community networks and productive individuals (rather than total reliance on external systems like governments and corporations).

SCOD itself exists as a collective multiple amalgam of various ideas, but is never restricted to one particular mixture. Even a vision of Utopia or Paradise is different for everyone, yet SCOD does not claim permanent perfection. Many believe that our human existence only allows glimpses of archetypal enlightenment. Regardless, SCOD strives for Organic Sustainability for humans. Currently in SCOD exists as published texts and designs, a virtual online community, and SCOD continues to slowly grow by grassroots interaction and communication.

NEW essays and drawings continue to be added to SCOD archives!



SCOD Galleries 



RWU:  Roger Williams University, RI


SCAD:  Savannah College of Art & Design. GA


SCOD Thesis



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SCOD Music Page on Facebook   (Free Collaborative Creative Commons)
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