SCOD PDP Medieval Tavern

SCOD PDP = "Pipe Dream Pub" Medieval Tavern

Est. 1994  Built 2000 for the Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development as a place for all types of people to gather and exchange goods and socialize freely, in safety.

"Welcome to the Pipedream Pub, come on in!"  - Drogo

1.  Look Around           2.  Order, Request, Trade, or Give  (SCOD Public Blog)

"Sure go ahead and look around. If you don't order or give something, we will put you to work though."

"This is the Bar, and that is the Hearth, together they make the Pub."

"The great hall has tables and dance space. In the far back are rental rooms."

Walton Stowell,
Aug 31, 2012, 3:08 PM