SCOD Land - Ecovillages

SCOD Ecovillages: Bio-diverse communities that design, build, inhabit, maintain, and develop environmental architecture and ways of life; Ecovillages fit into SCOD Amalgams.

SCOD Amalgams: combination collages of SCOD Ecovillage master plans, designed for manifesting in phases over time; Amalgams fit into SCOD Matrix.

SCOD Matrix: Total SCOD Master Plan; includes all literature, art, and amalgams. Urban Amalgams have high populations, Rural have low populations; both focus on Green Space.

SCOD Designs - often must modify existing architecture, in order to serve the new ecological-collective networks which extend into various communities.

Homesteads become Nature Centers - to preserve the natural environment for maximum acres of hunting and gathering, with minimal impact housing and trading.

Economics becomes subservient to Community based on environmental stewardship for harmonious cohabitation with renewable energy resources.

Landscape:   Site Flora Summary -  Site Local Flora Journal  -  SCOD Tree Stewardship


Ecovillages - several ecovillages can fit into area Amalgams


SCOD Rural Poly-cultural Peace Village


SITE LAND - It is vital that the organic Nature of Sites are preserved   

Site Property Plans

Site Diagrams

Site Section A

Site Section B

Site Panorama 1

Site Perspective 1

Site Perspective Photos


SCOD Condo Hives - Urban / County Amalgams


Denser Amalgams with Hives and several ecovillages are considered Urban, with higher population, while preserving Green Spaces.