SCOD Pipedream Pub Founding Members

The Pipedream Pub was established by the Tontine Triad circa 1994.

 Sima Ke                           Drogo Empedocles                   Cordite

The  Tontine Triad  

and other Knights of RWU and SCOD Members

 Sought land to build Farms, Gardens, Homes, and The Medieval Tavern

a.k.a.  The Pipedream Pub

"The Pipedream" title was a play on words for a work in progress; 

meaning both "a fanciful dream" and "plans made while smoking pipes".


This Quest for the Pipedream Pub lead them,

of their own design, and with others,

 to the planning, development, and designs for S.C.O.D.

The Sustainable Cooperative for Organic Development!