Shaolin Temple ART Center promotes Chinese Shaolin Temple culture and values and collaboration with local talented artists on showcasing and teaching their art form under the same roof! That's right! Your child can now experience multiple arts in the same location.     

Shaolin Temple ART Center was founded by Master Shifu Xing Xue, who trained and lived at Shaolin Temple for 15 years in China. Shifu Xing Xue is currently the ONLY master in Midwest with official permission to represent the authentic Shaolin Temple (from China) kung fu, tai chi, and qi gong. As a recognized nationally and internationally professional martial artist, kung fu competition winner and judge, on-stage performer, film & stage martial arts choreographer, stunt man, and teacher,  Master Xing Xue and the school gladly and proudly offers to the St. Louis community the most unique and authentic experience via:

  • Kids, youth, adult kung fu & taichi classes
  • Chinese language class (NEW!)
  • Kids & youth summer camps
  • Piano classes with Mrs. Dana (NEW!)
  • Painting classes with Mrs. Wang
  • Martial arts shows
  • Artistic performance for stage and entertainment production companies
  • On-stage & film martial arts choreography and consultation
  • Stunt action for films

STL Shaolin Kung Fu School is a proud new member of Olivette-Creve Couer Chamber of Commerce. 
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