Aerial silks NEW!

Meet Ms. Trinity Whitlow!

Ms. Trinity has been training in aerial apparatus for 6 years, specializing with Aerial Silks and Aerial Sling. Aerial apparatus is an extreme art best known for its graceful dances and movements in the air. In the class you will learn beautiful shapes, as well as daramatic drops. Certain muscles groups are utilized in order to achieve all of the complex movements and figures performed while suspended. She likes to help students understand the concept of 3D movement in posture, flexibility in joints, and an increase in concentration and psychomotor skills. Aerial skills classes go far beyond just physical improvements. An extra level of focus and high levels of concentration will lead to a peaceful and stabilized state of mind.

AERIAL Silk class

Class is scheduled on Sundays, 1-2 pm, for adults and kids over 6 years of age.

Come ready, wearing long pants, preferably leggings, and a t-shirt. This will help prevent fabric burn on the skin.

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