Guitar & Piano Lessons

Meet our inspiring guitar and piano teacher,

Mr. Jared Cattoor

Jared Cattoor is a professional guitarist, band leader, creative music educator, composer, songwriter and the founder of Kung Fu Music Lessons.

Jared has studied formal contemporary music education at the University of Missouri St. Louis and the world famous Musicians Institute (GIT) in Hollywood, California. His main musical project, Two Cities One World, has been performing around the USA and Europe for the past 6+ years. Jared has been teaching for over 10 years in St. Louis, Los Angeles, Bulgaria, as well as all around the world with international students online. He is thecreator of "Nutrition For The Musician", "Kung Fu Music Lessons”, his book "Music Theory Puzzles", "The Rhythm Ruler", and other revolutionary music education tools. Jared loves pushing creative boundaries in musicand helping students reach their highest potential, and values how this process impacts not only their musical expression, but also their entire life - in ways unimaginable until experienced. Having a passion for world music, Jared has studied and played music fromAfrica, South America, Eastern Europe, The Caribbean, the USA and other cultures. He has been traveling since a young age and created a strong music career in Bulgaria. Jared says, "Understanding music from other cultural perspectives allows us to reach new musical heights that would not be possible only living and studying music in one country." Jared’s complete curriculum for Kung Fu Music Lessons can take you from a complete beginner to a master musician in as little as 3 years. Get ready: Mixing philosophy and training ideas from the art of Kung Fu into music lessons will accelerate your learning!

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If you have any questions or try a free trial, please contact us at or 314-313-3007 (Jared) or 573-544-6835 (Valentina, PR)