Shaolin Kung Fu
It is said that Shaolin kung fu originally started in the 5th/6th century by a great Buddhist master, Bodhidarma, the transmitter of Zen Buddhism from India to China, as a physical training to improve the health of the monks who sat for long hours during meditation. The Shaolin kung fu has been practiced and evolved by the warrior monks of  the temple against numerous attacks throughout history. The Shaolin Temple was destroyed and rebuilt a number of times throughout its history; some valuable ancient teachings were lost, and what remained continues to be passed along by each generation of the highly trained warrior monks. Shifu Xing Xue is an outstanding representative of the 32nd-generation of Shaolin Warrior Monks. He has traveled representing the Temple to a number of countries to promote the Shaolin culture. Now, he has founded the St. Louis Shaolin Kung Fu School in Olivette to spread this cherished ancient heritage, as well as the traditional Chinese culture.

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St. Louis Shaolin Kung Fu School is founded by Master Shifu Xing Xue, who tr
ained and lived at Shaolin Temple for 15 years in China. As an experienced professional martial artist, national and international kung fu competition winner and judge, on-stage performer, film & stage martial arts choreographer, stunt man, and teacher,  Master Xing Xue's credentials at a glance are:
  • 2010 August: founder and co-owner of International Shaolin Wushu Center in St. Louis, Missouri
  • 2010 June: special guest and performance award for drunken fist and 3 stick (nonchuck) at Tiger claw’s KungFuMagazine.com Championships in San Jose, California
  • 2008 August: Judge in Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championship
  • 2008 April: Performed master demonstration in the 16th Annual Berkeley Wushu Competition
  • 2007 March: On-stage martial arts performances in Tennessee and Missouri
  • 2006 October: champion of staff (stick) form at Wushu Competition of China in Nanjing, China
  • 2006 June: stunt man and martial arts choreographer by special invitation by Philips Film in Hong Kong, China
  • 2005 July: Represented Shaolin Wushu Team of China to South Korea for martial arts exchange competition, charity performances, and friendship between China and South Korea
  • 2004 May: studied in Shaolin Temple as national level athlete and passed team evaluation by Shaolin Temple's International Department, China
  • 2000 September to 2004 July: Studied Wushu in Henan University's of higher education learning center, China
  • 1998 August: Placed 1st in the long spear form in the junior division of the “Police Safety Cup” Wushu Tournament, Haozhou City, Anhui Province, China
  • 1997 May: Represented Shaolin Temple to Japan and Indonesia for a Shaolin Wushu Exchange Competition and also to promote Chinese culture
  • 1996 October: Was selected to be included in the Shaolin Temple Wushu Team, China
  • 1996 October: Placed 1st on the Praying Mantis boxing at the 8th Annual wushu competition, Haozhou City, Anhui Province, China

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