Singing/Creative Expressions NEW!

Meet our graceful singing and creative expressions teacher, Ms. Anna Yanova-Cattoor!

Ms. Anna is a musical and visual artist from Sofia, Bulgaria. Her band “Two Cities, One World” represents St. Louis, MO, and Sofia, Bulgaria, where it’s creators, Anna and her husband Jared, originate from.

In 2019 they released the album “The things we love” which is the 5th record that they have released in the past 6 years, independently. Anna sings, writes, performs, and teaches music. She is also a graduate of Musicians Institute, LA, and the receiver of the “Outstanding Artist” award upon graduation from MI in 2012. She teaches singing, painting (with acrylics, “dirty pours”), crocheting, and digital (video) arts.

To start a trial class with Ms. Anna and unleash your or your child's musical potential, email us at or call at 314-309-0829 (Ms. Anna) or 573-544-6835 (Valentina, PR)