This section details 'make-overs & revamps' as they take place & include
new purchases, restyling, enhancements, redecoration & anything else suitable to be included !

Business Unit to Studio

posted 24 Apr 2014, 08:03 by carol creates

I've just finished detailing all the changes of my studio into ONE read.

If you want to find out how it was done click here

Bedhead made-over !

posted 24 Feb 2014, 04:52 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:09 ]

As you can see, the bedhead is finished - white paint shiny & new & copper shade covering the rust-spots. Although not 100% as I would have ideally liked (more like 95% but I have more pressing items to complete), the bed is just for a spare room & by the time it's made-up, I'm sure no-one will notice! (Note: Had it have been for a customer, 100% would have been achieved!)


posted 12 Feb 2014, 03:31 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:10 ]

Here's the latest revamp I'm working on - a Diko metal frame that was originally black & gold but was repainted several years ago. Now with a new mattress & in a new room, it's about to be re-styled once again. The photo doesn't show the chips & marks now evident - see these in the Stitcherydoodaa Studio (listed under Bed head) where I'll also be intermittently working on it over the next few weeks.

Eyelets completed !

posted 18 Oct 2013, 06:41 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:11 ]

Here's the finished curtain complete with it's new Eyelet rings (curtains in situ will follow in due course).

If you want to find out more on how to complete this, click to the Stitcherydoodaa blog where you'll find a series of 3 steps on how-to-do-it.

Adding rings to headed curtains

posted 17 Oct 2013, 06:04 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:12 ]

Here's the upper edge of some new curtains - they were only available with the tape heading. As I want to use rings, I'll be altering the curtains over the next few days. I've included instructions on one of my blogs, so if you want to see how I've done it, then visit me here to see the initial preparation & first step.

Humpty has a repair !

posted 21 Aug 2013, 03:40 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:13 ]

Here's the Humpty at stage 1 with a cleaned & repaired outer 'bag'. If you want to read about the original stitching, please click here @ Stitcherydoodaa.

If you'd like to make one too, then click on 'Items to make' tab above.

'40s pouffe details

posted 20 Jul 2013, 08:03 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:13 ]

The pouffe has got rather grubby so all the covering needs to be taken apart. Also one area in particular has broken - some eyelets are missing, a couple of rings have dropped off & the cording needs renewing (image upper left). It took about half an hour today removing the lacings & taking the coverings apart so that it can all be cleaned & repaired. The inner 'seat' was left untouched which I just vacuumed & shall give a final fabric deodourise (image lower left) when ready to reassemble. (If you'd like to know how this was initially made, click here.)

Over the next few weeks, in the studio (click if you want to view), I'll be displaying & demonstrating what I'm doing as well as providing information on how the 'seat' was initially made.

1940s pouffe / floor cushion

posted 8 Jul 2013, 05:26 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:14 ]

Made several years ago, this is now in need of being cleaned & repaired. 2 or 3 of the upper rings have dropped off & the coring needs renewing. The outer covering also needs cleaning. Watch along here as it gets done!

Dining chair cushions

posted 1 Jun 2013, 04:07 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:15 ]

These are 2 of my original lounge cushions 18"/45cm square & made as part of a set of 8 together with 4 smaller cushions 12"/30cm square. Made reversible, they used a variety of black fabrics - moire furnishing taffeta, dressmaking velvet (printed & plain) & polyester metallics. Now not needing all the lounge cushions (having somewhat downsized), it seemed a pity to just discard them so decided to use the smaller ones for my dining chair backs.

However, having only 4 small cushions, I picked 2 surplus larger ones (those at left) & re-sized them, adding some fringing to match my others.

Here's the new smaller cushions - reverse side of those above. Until I can get into the dining room (kitchen's being re-decorated & most items stored here temporary), I can't take any pix nor verify if these cushions need a hanging device to attach to the chair. (This will have to happen later!)

If you'd like to see some of the sewing techniques used for the cushions, take a look here: Stitcherydoodaa Blog

Sheer black voile window drape

posted 19 Mar 2013, 07:18 by carol creates   [ updated 24 Apr 2014, 08:15 ]

Here's the (unpicked) drape now pinned at the dining window. It was just pinned up for a Halloween dinner party. A few minor alterations asap will complete it when the room is revamped totally later in the year (I hope!). Anyway, if you'd like to see the original, click this link ORIGINAL PELMET.

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