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  • Family Carol Service

  • Crib & Christingle Service

  • Christmas Midnight Mass

  • Christmas Dawn Mass

  • Christmas Morning Mass

Family Carol Service - Sunday 20 December 2020 at 4.00pm

A traditional way to begin your Christmas celebrations. Join us for a service of Christmas readings and music, and to hear afresh the Christmas story for today. The liturgy builds to a climax with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Everybody will be welcome.

Crib & Christingle Service - Christmas Eve 2020 at 4.00pm

An informal service designed for younger children. The Christingle (a decorated orange, symbolising the world) theme will be maintained as far as possible within Covid-19 restrictions. The Christmas crib will be assembled. Everybody welcome. TICKETS (FREE) REQUIRED - please book here:

Christmas MIDNIGHT MASS - Christmas Eve 2020 at 11.30pm

The first mass of Christmas. Come and join us at 11.30pm for this traditional start to Christmas Day. The liturgical climax - the breaking of bread - takes place slightly after midnight, as we welcome Christmas morning together. Favourite Christmas music included.

Christmas Dawn Mass - Christmas Day 2020 at 8.00am

The dawn mass of Christmas is celebrated according to the rite of the Book of Common Prayer. It is a quiet said service, with no sermon or music, for those who prefer a more private and reflective start to Christmas Day.

Christmas Morning Mass - Christmas Day 2020 at 10.30am

The morning mass of Christmas Day, sung, with favourite Christmas music. Everybody will be very welcome to join us for the start of a special day. Church is the best start to Christmas, to be followed by presents, food, and the Queen! All welcome.

We hope to deliver mince pies after the Christmas Morning Mass as usual, though this depends upon Covid-19 restrictions in force at the time.

These are the main services, but there will be others, every day, across the Christmas period.

Please see our Church Calendar for full details.