Parish Ministry Groups

Outreach Group

The Outreach group (Visitation group) was set up for the Parish Mission in 2000. A group of 72 people set out to visit every home in the parish to invite people to take part in the Parish Mission.

In 2003, a project was undertaken to re-visit each home and invite the people to a Neighbourhood mass for their area.

Two years was set aside for this project. In reality it took two and a half years to complete as it was decided not to call on homes during the winter months.

The area masses had a varying degree of success but were appreciated by those who attended. Time was also allotted for a cup of tea and a chat after the mass.

During Mission '07 we started the visitation process again to encourage participation.

When this was completed every home in the parish received three of these visits over a seven year period.

In the event of parishioners being out, we left a note to say that we called.

In 2010 we again visited the parish homes, offering the Gospel of St. Luke to every house. This was undertaken as part of the Year of Evangelisation.

Communications Group

Our Communictions Sub Group deals primarily with the monthly newsletter which normally comes out every month and all other methods of spreading the Gospel message, including this website, and the church posters.

Future projects include:

Tallaght 99FM

Radio Service for the Housebound

The aim of the communications group is to use every means at their disposal to spread the Gospel to the parishioners.

Faith Formation Group

The Faith Formation team do a lot of work with the schools of the parish assisting to organise and run, events like:

Confirmation retreats,

Faith Friends programme

Special masses for the Confirmation and Communion classes that take place once a month in the parish church

Other projects include:

Preparation for the other parish missions

The Pathways Development programme


To strengthen the faith of our people as they face the world we live in and to help develop a deeper sense of the Gospel message.

Youth Ministry Group

The Youth Ministry Team work with the Youth of the Parish. The Folk Group and Altar Servers would be prime examples.

The Team would have an input to the special weeks in Knockadoon, the Servers week and the Folk Liturgy week.

School contact and Chaplaincy with young people and the communion and confirmation preparation.

Retreats that are planned for youth, and some of the parishioners are involved in this work as well in the retreat house in the Priory.


The aim of the youth ministry group is developing young people for the future, developing their involvement in the church community and sowing the seed of the Gospel. For example with our youth readers our aim is to strengthen the faith of young people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Bereavement Group

The group is involved with funeral ministry and also to be available for the bereaved if they wish to talk with a member. There is a notice in each Newsletter of names and phone nos. They play a very valuable part in support of the bereaved at the funeral time with preparation and prayers and in the time after the funeral.

Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Group meet normally on the second Monday of each month at 8:30pm in the Calaroga Room in the Church.

This group co-ordinates the Liturgy for the coming seasons and the coming months in the church.

The Liturgy group deals with the Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Choirs, Baptism Team, the Altar Society who arrange and decorate the Church.


The aim of the Liturgy Group is to create a prayerful environment to enhance and beautify the Liturgy with the Good News and deepen the sense of Faith.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee were established to assist with the upkeep of the Parish. It is an umbrella group dealing with the other financial groups that are in the Parish. They all assist with the fund-raising for the parish.

The Finance Committee is an advisory group that guides out-going and in-coming funds


The Aim of the Finance Committee is to promote the Gospel message, through providing facilities, support and finance for all those who are working to promote the Gospel in different ways in the parish. In other words, that the life and development of the parish can continue with financial backing.

Environmental Committee

This group who plan and look after the external environment of our parish church with the planting of flower beds, grass cutting and any other ways that would enhance the appearance of our church and parish. If you are gifted in this way please choose this group.