The ship

"Mary" or "Mary Lohden" 
Mary was built and launched as the Mary Lohden and sailed under that name under British flag. After coming over to Swedish register, the "Lohden" part of the name was dropped and she was simply called Mary or in Swedish "ångfartyget Mary". 

Mary Lohden was built in 1883 by the shipyard Irvine & Company in West Hartlepool (yard number 45). She was launched 26 May 1883.
Her first owner was "J. Lohden & Co" in West Hartlepool.
In 1896 she was transferred to "Ångfartygsaktiebolaget Mary Lohden" in Strömstad Sweden owned by H. Andersson.
In 1910 she was sold to "Ångfartygsaktiebolaget Mary" in Malmö, Sweden registered on T. Larson.

Mary was a cargo ship of 1363 GRT (gross registered tonnes) with a length of 74 meter (244 ft) and beam width of 10 meter (33 ft). The engine was a 520 hp two cylinder compound steam engine manufactured by T.Richardson & Sons in West Hartlepool.

Sister ships  
Irvine & Company built a number of ships which appear to be sister ships to Mary. I have followed the fate of twelve of these ships. Most of them ended in disaster, Read more.

For long I had no idea what Mary looked like, now I have four different images of Mary. I have been guided to these pictures by kind people who have read this website and sent me links to these photos. Thank you all!

(1) In November 2008, a painting (kaptensmålning) of Mary Lohden, painted by Geo Johansen, was sold at the Swedish auction house "Stockholms Auktionsverk".  I'm so sorry I didn't know.  If so I had surely been interested to have the Mary Lohden above my sofa!  :-)   Anyway, I was glad to get a first glimpse of the ship from the auction catalogue. The picture on this page is taken from that catalogue.

If YOU are now the lucky owner of this painting, please let me know if you have any connection to the Mary Lohden and if you have any additional information to pass on to me. The auction catalogue says the painting contains data on the ship. What data is that?     

(2) The Swedish National Maritime Museum (Sjöhistoriska museet) has a photo of another painting of Mary Lohden. In this picture she carries sails in addition to the steam engine. See picture here and here.

(3) The Dutch website Maritime Digital has a browned photo of Mary Lohden at berth in Amsterdam. View this photo here.

(4) The British website Old Ship Picture Galleries has a photo of a ship called Mary, whith striking resemblance of the ship we see in items (1), (2) and (3) above. It is probably "our" Mary at berth in an unknown city. This is the best closeup picture of the four. See this photo here.

In addition I have seen actual photos of sister ships to Mary.
See left under "Sister ships".