Our Steeple Bell

"Cast By Henry L . Hooper & Company Boston

Blessed Is The People That Know

The Joyful Sound


The above inscription is cast into the bell. The F indicates the tone chimed is a F tone.

According to http://www.towerbells.org/data/IXfoundryHooperBlake.html

Henry N. Hooper & Co., operated in Boston, Massachusetts, USA from 1830-1868 and is known to have made several church bells (among cannons for the civil war and other castings). Hooper, Henry N. & Co. (Wm. Blake & Thomas Richardson) were listed by the City of Boston as "copper dealers" doing business at 24 Commercial and Causeway, c. Nashua, h. 14 Sheafe. It was operated by Henry N. Hooper, William Blake and Thomas Richardson.

Hooper, an apprentice of Paul Revere, ran the Foundry from 1830-1868 making this one of his earlier bells.

The list below is a known list of other bells.

BOSTON - MF : USA - MA 1850 C [chime]


CAMBRIDGE - CC : USA - MA 1860 C chime

Christ Church in Cambridge (Episcopal)

BOSTON - A : USA - MA 1860 F chime

Phillips Chime

Arlington Street Church


PROVIDENCE - G : USA - RI 1861 F chime

Grace Church in Providence (Episcopal)

CHARLESTOWN : USA - MA 1868 C [chime]

First Church, Charlestown (UCC)

(once known as First Parish Church)

According to our Church records the bell was installed in 1861.

An inspection of the bell by one of the Trustees.

An inspection of the bell by one of the Trustees.

Looking straight up under the bell. Mounting bolts are visible,

a dampening devise and clapper (hanging down)

There are counter weights bolted on the top. These appear to warrant replacement.

This is the clapper.

Note the flat sides from years of being rung.

This is looking down on the wooden pulley that is at the steeple roof level.

The center is well worn from weekly ringing.