Baptisms at South are typically done as part of the worship service with the entire congregation being involved and witnessing the event. Please contact Rev. Killian at  or call the church office at 781-843-5155 for more information or to arrange a baptism.

Joseph John Riley, son of Joseph and Jaclyn Riley, Baptized during worship 4-6-14

Declan Leighton Churchey, Son of Jason and  Tracey Churchey 5-4-14

Lillian Christine Hayes 7-13-14

Jacob Cameron Russell 7-13-14

Connor Ross McDonough 8-24-14  

Blake Lynn Nightingale

daughter of George and Alison Nightingale


Sydney Joelle Perez 

daughter of Michelle Lemere and William Perez


Eeva Elizabeth Makela

Daughter of Matti and Nicole Makela


Olivia Rose Costa

Daughter of James and Shannon Costa


Theo Wayne Hawker

Son of Skyla Kutasz and Connor Hawker


Oliver Len Killian  12-17-23