Annual Church Fair

Our Fair is a Tradition Well Over a Century in the making

Here are a few shots of prior fairs... Hopefully next year (2021) we will be back to normal. 


You can step back to the time when you visit South Cong’s Annual Fair held in Braintree’s oldest continuously used religious edifice. You will find there is something for everyone and to make it even better it is open both Friday evening and Saturday!

Church members have been preparing all year resulting in quality handcrafted items, scented candles, South Shore’s largest house plant table, a treasure trove of costume jewelry, “attic treasures” (vintage and antique items), baked goods, frozen apple pies ready to bake, a large white elephant room, soups and cheese to go, handmade knit goods and vintage linens, candy and fudge, and more.  There is also a large choice of silent auction items, gift baskets and raffle items to choose from all including many donations from supportive businesses and enterprises.

South’s Fair is one of the few area fairs open on Friday evening allowing even those with busy Saturday schedules to attend this long standing tradition so steeped in our area churches. Friday night you can have  an Italian dinner from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM and shop from 5:30 to 8:00 PM.

The Fair opens again Saturday morning with breakfast served from 8:00 to 10:00 and lunch from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. The fair is open for shopping from 8:30 to 3:00 PM. All are welcome.  

For info  call 781-843 5155. The Church is located at 1075 Washington Street at the corner of Pond Street in Braintree. 

A few snaps from prior Fairs
A Busy Day
Always At Her post!

 Pulled Pork Specialty

Lunch is Served
Breakfast Tickets Please
Attic Treasures
The Bid Board
White Elephants !
Say Cheese (in a top hat)! 
The Breakfast Crew

Wreaths and Bows...



Baked Goods


Raffles and Raffles


Knit Goods 

House Plants

More Plants

The Chief  Fair Inspector

The Morning Cook

Scrambled eggs coming up!

Here are a few items that have been crafted and were available at the Fair!

Trees                                    Birds                                           Glassware

Peg Boards                                                Crafts                             Necklace Racks 
Wreaths                                           Hand Crafted Jewelry                              Ornaments                               
What do we need?
  • The plant table will be happy to take your tired old house plans or take cutting of your house plants this spring and over the summer transform them into beautiful house plants. The table can use all sorts of pots and plant related materials. These can be left at the church or arrangements can be made for pick up.
  • Used and broken jewelry can be left at the Church for re-use or even repurposing by some of our crafty church members. This includes old broken watches, pins, and necklace
  • Wine corks.
  • Hand made crafts.
  • Bakers for baked goods.
  • Individuals and committees to make raffle baskets.
  • Locations for advertising signs. (Do you live on a busy street?) 
  • Sales People.
  • People to help with set up before and clean up after the Fair.
Many hands make for a light load. Please plan on being a part of this exciting annual event. Keep your calendar clear for the weekend of the Fair.