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august 2017 Herb Post... Just add a hat for a great smile

2-11-17 : All the TV Channels have their own weather radar app... and not to be outdone, South Cong. is not going to let you down! Our weather radar is the only one that shows snow angels! (Yes, this is a real untouched image 2/10/17 5:30 pm !)

Remember you saw it here first...

Come to service Sunday and see what else is new!

Even though January 8th  saw 12 " of snow... Services were held as usual. 

12-24-16 A wonderful Candlelight service! 


Visiting with Friends at Church Fair in Gloucester. 11-19-16 


Our youth group was extremely busy last night filling an amazing 126 bags for the Annual Thanksgiving food drive at the Crispin Center and like the fish and the loaves, there were left overs! These will all be loaded and delivered soon.

Thank you to all of our most generous congregation and to those from outside of our Church who made donations and to our amazing youth group for all their hard work!

Shots from the Fair 11-5-16

Two Steeples10-1-16 -(not a photo shopped image)

Sunset 10-1-16

Reflection  6-25-16

May 12, 2016 Angels Among US