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Security - A Northern Virginia company, Demosphere, is used for registration and credit card payment.  They are a veteran company using a secure online payment system. Sports on the Hill will not know your credit card number or related sensitive financial information.

This is a new system.  Past and new families will need to enter household name, address, contact information for parents. emergency contact, and each player (age, sex, school). 
You can pay by credit card or check.  Financial aid/scholarship is available.
You will receive an email confirmation of the registration.
Note: record and keep your password to access your account later.


Click here to register for the Winter 2018-19 Season Registration.

A. Basketball: age date Sept. 1, 2018.
      - Dev. boys 6, 7, girls 4-5-6, 7-8
      - boys 8-9, 10-11.
      - girls 9-13.
      - PeeWee boys 4-5.

B. Indoor Soccer: U4, U5, U6 coed; U7 - U12 girls, U9 - U12 boys.
                   - age date Dec. 31, 2018.

C. winter outdoor soccer for U7, U8, U12, U13,U14 boys.

D. Volleyball; 8 - 14 coed.

E. Wrestling; 4-6, 7-10.  

F. Adult volleyball: coed age 25+ - experienced.

G. Adult women's basketball: 25+ - experienced.

H. Adult indoor soccer: coed 25+ - experienced.