Register online, update family information, or make a donation.

Security - A Northern Virginia company, Demosphere, is used for registration and credit card payment.  They are a veteran company using a secure online payment system. Sports on the Hill will not know your credit card number or related sensitive financial information.

How it Works - The first time you register online, you are asked for information about your household (name, address, contact information for parents and emergency), each child (age, sex, school, grade), and register your children for one or more sports programs. 
You can pay by credit card, by check, or scholarship.

SOTH offers scholarships on a family 'honor' basis.  If you decide a full scholarship is needed for hardship reasons, select it as a form of payment and no request or further action is needed.

      - If you can pay part of the fee, half scholarship, or a payment arrangement, please email with the player's name, program(ex. U7 boys), and the payment schedule you can meet.

You will receive an email confirmation of the registration.
Note: record and keep your security question and password to access your account later.


Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Registration:

A. Soccer: coed U4, U5, U6, girls and boys U7 - U19.    NOTE: the fee for U7 - U19 fall and spring has increased to $175.

             - NOTE: U15 girls roster is full.  OK to register if OK'd by Coach Proper.  If not, contact him at    
             - NOTE: U11 boys roster is full.
             - NOTE: U14/U15 team is cancelled for fall 2017.
             - NOTE: U13 boys roster is full.
B. T-ball 4 and t-ball 5.

C. Basketball clinic boys 8 - 11 (9/1/2017).

D. Basketball clinic girls 8 - 13

E. Field Hockey coed 5 - 12.

F. Lacrosse girls and boys 5 - 8 and MS girls 11-14.

G. Touch football 7 - 11.

H. Youth Volleyball 8-11 and 12-14 (11/1/17).

I.  Adult Volleyball: age 25+: competitive or casual groups.