SOGI Women's Department

Our Women's Department is dedicated to bring ...

Women together from every denomination and from all over the world in an effort to promote unity among the Body of Christ,  while marching towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission, "Reaching People for Christ".
We are committed to help women to be aware of the missionary work that is yet to be done. We focus on the area known as the "10/40 Window" coined by Louise Bush.
We have been blessed to be the Christian nation, but many of the nations situated in the 10/40 Window, because of few or no missionary efforts, are unaware of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The 10/40 Window is an imaginary window between 10 degrees to 40 degrees north of the equator stretching from West Africa through Asia. Today, in many of these nations, Christian men and women have been persecuted and killed.
The life outside the American continent may seem different to many of us because of many religions and cultures in other countries; and surely it is.  We cannot actually realize how blessed we are and how comfortable life is here in America unless we get out of our comfort zone and walk in these places.  Beside that we have to obey the GREAT COMMISSION as we are commanded to do.
Women On Mission Broadcast has the vision to help women to walk in their calling, to know their part in ministry and missions, and to become aware of their potential and capability, to encourage them and help them to grow and bloom for the Kingdom work, as they are part of missions which is the heartbeat of God.
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