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Shepherds Of Grace International is a faith-based missions organization that is supported by contributions from various individuals, groups, organizations, and churches for operating funds.

This ministry support does not include salaries. No one on staff receives a salary. Bishops, Directors, and all Staff Members are required to raise their own financial support, as a missionary.

We are seeking to pair all current SOGI staff with individuals, groups, or churches that are a part of the SOGI family for the purposes of greater prayer, financial support and encouragement. Please consider Adopting one of our Staff.

Bishop John and Manjaree Aguilar

Bishop John and Manjaree Aguilar - Bishop has served in ministry for over 40+ years and has conducted Evangelistic Crusades, Pastors Conferences, Leadership Development, and Church Planting, both in the USA and oversees. Called of God to Apostolic Ministry, a Pastor to Pastors, he serves as the founder and Overseer of Shepherds Of Grace International. As a Pastor to Pastors, Bishop's heart is committed to the Training Pastor's and Leaders to discern the time in which they live and understand what to do to become the "Last Days Ministers", "Shepherds of Grace", that will fulfill their call and mandate, becoming fruitful for the kingdom of God, producing fruit that remain. His is the Author of "Keeping the Ministry Pure", a book for leaders who desire to become the caliber of Ministers we see in the Book of Acts. His wife Manjaree Aguilar - serves as the General Director of WOMB1040, the Women's Division of Shepherds Of Grace International.

Bishop Dr. Arlo and Mary Williams - Bishop Arlo has served in ministry over 50 years and provides leadership on the Shepherds Of Grace International Apostolic Council. He holds two earned doctorate's, one in Theology, the other in Christian Education and has also taught as a professor at Jacksonville Theological Seminary. In addition, he serves as one of the Overseer's of Shepherds Of Grace International and providing leadership here in the USA as well as conducting Evangelistic services, Pastors Training and Leadership Development Africa. He has also participated in mission teams to over 20 different countries and will lead Missions Teams to Haiti. Mary Williams - has a Masters Degree in Christian Education from Jacksonville Theological Seminary and serves on the Shepherds Of Grace International Apostolic Council.

Bishop Arlo and Mary Williams

Rachel Nanda

Rachel Nanda serves in ministry with us for many years. She is a graduate of the School of Biblical Evangelism and presently living in Utah, serving as a Teacher/Represenitive for Shepherds Of Grace International School .

Aeon James Downey is an ordained minister with Shepherds of Grace International since 2003, and holds active ordination credentials and service on the SOGI Apostolic staff.

With the heart of an Evangelist , he operates in the Prophetic and is an active member of a local El Paso, Tx, Church. Minister Downey has a earned Bachelor of Science in organizational leadership from Columbia Southern University, and a master's degree in business administration from North Central University.

Happily married to his wife Sonya they have have 3 awesome children: Patrisha, Elisha, and Chrstopher, they call El Paso, Texas, home. Novermber 4, 2015, Minister Aeon Downey retired honorably, from active duty, as a Captain in the U.S. Army. He has served 21 years in the military, which includes tours in Bosnia, Iraq, Germany and South Korea. Has held positions of great responsibility such as Battery Commander, Brigade Operations Chief, Logistics/Rocket Platoon Leader, Recruiter and infantry Battalion Planner.

Prophet Aeon Downey

Bishop Umba

Bishop Umba

Bishop Isaac Umba - Is the Overseer of all D.R. Congo, Africa Mission Efforts. He has served Shepherds Of Grace International for over a decade. He has conducted Evangelistic Crusades, Pastors Conferences, Leadership Development, and Church Planting all over D.R. Congo as well as in Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.

Bishop John Aguilar is presently Overseeing all Liberia Mission Efforts. Manjaree Aguilar the Director of WOMB1040 Liberia, the Women's Ministry Division of Shepherds Of Grace International for Liberia.

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