The Shepherds of Grace International


"Keeping the Ministry Pure"


Developing Last Day's Leadership

for a Last Days Remnant

Postpone due to Covid

The hardest thing in ministry… is keeping the ministry pure…

and as you may know…

where the head goes the body follows…

We need a place where Iron Sharpens Iron… a place where, we become transparent about the leadership issues facing the ministry today… a place where Minister’s and Leaders can discuss the many pitfalls and problems in ministry… but also challenge each other… seeking out Godly Solutions… That place is the:

"Keeping the Ministry Pure” Conference"

In these "Last Days", we must get back to Shepherding, Equipping and Developing Disciples like those in the book of Acts who set the world on fire. This Conference is specifically designed for Pastors, Ministers, and Lay Leaders, but we invite everyone to attend. We desire to develop leadership that resembles those of the book of

Acts, so we are providing this Conference for FREE. There is limited seating, please register in advance.

Registration is on a first come first serve basis and will be taken at the door, but

to guarantee your seating, you are advised to submit your register by: ..............

Send your Name, Address, Church position, Phone Number, Email address and name of the Church or Ministry that you are a part of, along with the number of those attending, by email, too:


Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation of your registration and the number of seats you have reserved by return email.

There are many Hotel's within 10 miles of the Church, which varies from $5 - $120 per night. Please Make your reservations at least 7 -14 days in advance. For Hotel selections you can Google search:

Our Host Hotel this year will be --------------- we have a Flat Rate of $-------- (this includes tax) for any room (single king, double queen). When you make your hotel reservations, tell them you are a part of the "Shepherds of Grace International Group".

This Leadership Conference is sponsored by:

Shepherds of Grace International

and their members, and

and their members


Conference Brochure can be downloaded by the link below...