Ministry Needs


Volunteers who are kingdom minded and have a heart for missions, to serve in the ministry.  No matter where you        live, there is something you can paricipate in with Shepherds of Grace Internatonal

               1.  Monthley Ministry Supporters - Shepherds Of Grace International is
                   a non-profit organiztion that is dependent on contributions from
                   various individuals, groups, organizations, and churches for operating
                   funds.  We operate on designated funds, meaning that should you mark
                   your gift for a specific cause, the entire donation will be applied as 
                   such.  Any undesignated funds will be applied to the greatest need
                   at the time of donation.
             2.  "Mission" Support - 100% of every dollar designated will be directed
                   to the mission efforts that it is designated for.


             3.  "Personal" Support - Bishop John and his family, along with
                    every staff memeber is responsible for raising there own
                    support in order to be on full-time staff.  If you believe in
                    the ministry, please consider supporting one of our staff
                    members with a monthly donation.   

(NOTE:  Shepherds of Grace International is not a part of any denomination, and we do not receive any mission funds from such denominations.   This ministry operates by the "Love Offerings" received and the generosity of individual giving.)

Transportation = RV:

God has directed our family to take a Apostolic Missionary Journey Across America... bringing a last day message of Preparing the Bride Of Christ.  This is NO ordinary journey.  God as called us to conduct this Cross Country Trip as we do any other Mission Trip Oversees. 

When we are going on a mission trip to Africa... we raise our funds for the trip and the ministry that will be accomplished while we are in that country (purchase of rice by the ton, material for construction of churches, cost of pastor conferences etc.), and we never take a offering or any money out of that country.  True Mission Work is not taking but giving.  

In the same fashion, we will be going Across America... just like Paul in the book of Acts.  That's right, we will go to the body of Christ... churches in America... with a "last day" message of Awakening the Remnant of God and calling leadership to Prepare the Way of the Lord by Preparing the Bride of Christ.

It matters not the denomination... we will go where God leads... which means... we may go to a smaller church that could never afford to bring someone in... or to a church that is dry and may need this last day awakening of the remnant of God... or perhaps to a place were a pastor is struggling, and needs encouragement...  AND WE WILL NOT TAKE AN OFFERING WHERE GOD SENDS US... for we will raise all the funds for this Missionary Journey, before we leave... so that we can be a blessing to the churches that we minister in.

Think About This....

In the Book of Acts, there where such Apostolic Missionary Journeys.... 



You May Not Be Able To GO... But Here Am I Send ME!

For this Journey, the Lord has provides a RV... but in addition to an RV... we also have to raise the expense of this Missionary Journey... gas, food, ministry needs of the churches, etc... which we estimate to be 10-13 thousand... the same cost of our Missionary trips oversees (airfare, lodging, food, and ministry funds). To give toward this aspect of the journey we are asking people in the body of Christ to donate by the mile... which means... $5 equals sending us 5 miles down the road... $50 = 50 miles down the road... $100 equals sending us 100 miles down the road.   As we already mentioned, we estimate traveling 10-13 thousand miles.  (Did you know? - Paul's missionary journeys combined were over 10,000 miles)  

Consider being a part of this Apostolic Missionary Journey... we need your Prayers and Financial Support


Enough land for a:  training facility, a lodge with kitchen, a section for summer youth camp, a house or houses for missionaries on furlough.   A place for year-round ministry training.  Where people can be trained for all types of ministry:  cross cultural ministry, street ministry, youth ministry, and overseas missions.   Short-term Missionary teams from youth to senior citizens can receive training on language, culture, customs, travel, construction, etc., before leaving on a mission trip. 


Office Equipment:


               1.  IPad 2 or Tablets with min. 32gb - 2 needed for office staff and four need
                    for staff Africa and India                  

               2.  Laptop Computer for travel (wireless connections) For Office in D.R. Congo

               3.  2 Printers for offices in Africa.                  

               4.  2 Digital Camera - something of good quality. It will be used on mission trips.


Other Computer Equipment:


              1.  Two up-to-date servers with audio/video connections

                   ( we are in need of servers for the ministry websites, and

                     it is also our Vision to have a 24 hour Ministry Online

                     Radio Station and streaming video.  This will be used

                     as an outreach to the world, and ongoing ministry to our

                     overseas mission areas)


                  2.  2 Portable Sound System for outdoor Street Ministry.

Thank you for agreeing in prayer for these needs.  If someone would like to donate any of the above equipment or finances, please contact our office at  (803) 617-9571.