Churches in America...

Shepherds of Grace International is a ministry that began many years ago with a focus on preaching Christ and Him crucified and developing leadership that would do the same, while engaging in responsible evangelism and planting churches in faith.  
In America, one would plant a church and after it has grown to a health financial status, it would began a "Mission Program" and send support oversees.  As far as Church standards in America go, Shepherds Of Grace International started backwards.  We began by faith, oversees years ago.   Presently, we are planting a Church in Rincon and Hoboken, Georgia area. 

Should you want to establish, be a part of, or desire your church to be affiliated the SOGI Family , contact our office for more information:  (803) 617-9571.  If you are located outside the United States, please contact us by email:  


 In Georgia:

         **Rincon/Springfield Area:
Shepherds Of Grace Church, Rincon, Georgia
Minister:  Joshua Malphus

Presently meeting at:

Springfield, Georgia, 31329


Contact: Minister Shirley Malphus (912) 663-6814 


Mailing Address:

Shepherds Of Grace Church

P.O. Box 266

Rincon, Georgia, 31326