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Mission Statement

Mission Statement
  • To participate in the Body of Christ, as an Apostolic Ministry
  • Preaching Christ and Him Crucified
  • Providing a spiritual covering  for pastors, churches and other outreach ministries
  • Developing responsible Evangelism, through Prophetic Preaching, Teaching, and Development of Leadership  
  • Provoking people to live with a passion for Christ


Evangelism that reaches out across the world with the message of Salvation.

Bringing Healing, Restoration, and Discipleship.

Leadership that would function responsibly, with the gift or gifts God has given them, being productive for the kingdom of God. Reproducing more soldiers for the kingdom of God.

Developing and helping people, of every race and nationality, to reach their potential in Christ, to know their purpose in life, to burn with a passion for Christ, to walk in integrity and faithfulness, to work with tenacity and fervency. 

 Raising up Believers who are...

        Not perfect, but pure.

        Not fake, but faithful.

        Not to know it all, but teachable.

        Not critical, but edifying.

        Not proud.

        Not negative, but positive 

        Slow to anger and refusing to judge, yet quick to forgive and ready to believe the best.

Raising a generation of people who are committed to the cause of Christ, who has but only one thing in their minds, that is to please their Master, Jesus Christ our Lord. 

         "...and they loved not their lives unto the death".