Description of the Creative Work

Descriptions of the Creative Offerings

Pre-Show Dance and Music Event
Starts at 6:50 goes to 7:10
KIN Dance Company
Twin brothers Frit and Frat Fuller of KIN Dance Company based in SoCal will share "Down Around Brown Town." A jukebox musical Revue celebrating the music of Mr. James Brown. 3 singers and 12 dancers will perform a 20 minute excerpt from the show. A whole lot of singing, a whole lot of dancing, and a whole lot of fun!

7:15 pm
Santa Barbara
Motion Theatre & Artists
Motion Theatre & Artists will premiere " a new work directed by Maria Rendina-Frantz  "Trois Saintes de-la-Mer (first movement) an elegant trio of choreography inspired by Isadora Duncan to a composition of Ludwig Van Beethoven. Performed by Lydia Kaestner, Arianna Rose Thorn and Lerina Winter.

Santa Barbara
Melissa Lowenstein Block & Sarah Block
Melissa is the mother and Sarah the 14 year old daughter and one thing they have in common is a passion for dancing. They are working collaboratively to create a duet based on the theme of coming of age.

Santa Barbara
Weslie Ching
There is a theoretical model in physics that, if the types of matter are finite and the universe is infinite, then statistically there would be an infinite number of versions of oneself, either exactly like you, or almost exactly like you. Weslie Ching will be presenting a modern dance duet titled "You, and Someone Like You" with movement inspired both by this concept and the way this concept conflicts with our culture's sense of a unique self.

Santa Barbara
DramaDogs – a Theater Company
Co-creating with local poet and playwright Terre Ouwehand, Bonnie and Ken perform poems from “The Divorce Museum: a performance poem cycle” integrating breath, movement and voice creating moments about "feeling alone".

Santa Barbara
Kaita Lepore, Lamara Heartwell & Timothy Tillman
Kaita Lepore will be creating a trio with her beloved Timothy Tillman and Lamara Heartwell.  The work is about the flow and NOT flow of relationship exploring going from dependence to independence to interdependence.

I Still Haven't Learned How to Dream Wide Awake is a new work created in collaboration with 3 dancers and musician Brian Wood.  It is an exploration into daydreaming and existing in dreamlike states of being.

Santa Barbara
Mindy Nelson
I danced in college at UCSB and then for 12 years in NYC. I have been away from it since my first son was born four years ago. I have been daydreaming about dance for a while now and will share a solo derived, in part, from these day dreams.

Rubans Rouges Dance Company
Rubans Rouges Dance Company will present a trio choreographed by Artistic Director Noelle Rose Andressen that tells the journey of three women battling for their lives against cancer. The work is based on her personal experiences in a cancer clinic.

Santa Barbara
SELAH Dance Collective
Artistic Director Meredith Cabaniss will present a work set to the music of James Blake which explores
action and reaction in the context of complex emotional relationships and their outside forces. Dancers will move in and out of a spectator/performer relationship with each other and the audience.

Santa Barbara/New York/Celje
ArtBark International
ArtBark will be offering "Manatee: an Ode to my Beloved".
Misa offers this about ArtBark's creative contribution:
"Derived from an improvisation 18 years ago this work tells the story of a wonderful dream I had about my beloved swimming with the manatees.  I don't dance like I did 18 years ago, but I knew, if I had one dance left to make, I would return to this improvisation and carve out a new solo.  My dance journey feels complete somehow, bringing this improvisation to life again."

Watson Dance
Watson Dance will be performing a piece called Forces Unseen.  It's in reference to the external influences that effect our lives that we are unaware of. It's visually inspired by film noir and horror films.  I'm trying to play with the audience's senses and integrate an optical illusion where the central figure seems to be floating through like in a dream.