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Silence Is Madness bbillett Guy Ritter



This part is not meant to antagonise, infuriate or annoy anybody. These are just my opinions and although normally I keep my opinions to myself about this subject, I do feel that as this site is about Christian rock and metal I should at least defend my position.




1. Metal is just a horrible noise. All you can hear is a group of people bashing away at instruments without any talents!
2. We won't be playing that kind of music in heaven.
3. Most of the songs sung by Christian Metal Bands are incredibly negative.
4. They dress like women.
5. What's the point when you can't hear the lyrics
6. Just look at the band's life styles.
7. It's not scriptural to play that sort of music.
8. Rock music began as a rebellion.
9. Christian rock and metal doesn't preach conviction of sin (this was found on an anti christian rock website)






1. Metal is just a horrible noise. All you can hear is a group of people bashing away at instruments without any talents!
This statement is generally only made by people who have not really heard much christian metal at all. To say that there is no talent in metal is ludicrous. An honest reply could be "There is talent, but I don't agree with how they are using their talents." Some of the riffs that are played are simply amazing. I suggest listening to the music of Impellitteri or Tourniquet, for the best examples of musicianship in metal.
The statement is similar to saying "Formula 1 drivers have got no driving talents, because they drive too fast and their engines are too noisy"

2. We won't be playing that kind of music in heaven.

This, truly is a strange statement which seems to suggest the speaker knows what heaven will be like in regards to what exact hymns and songs we will be singing. I wager they have a rather strong bias towards their favourite hymns! Personally I think that the music in heaven will be so unlike earthly music, so awesome, so wonderful that to compare it to the music of today is to be incredibly naive and totally unjust to the depth and creativity of God. I don't think they'll be metal in heaven, but I don't think they'll be the old hymns either (both of which I like).
I think God has bigger and more amazing plans than we can even dream of.

3. Most of the songs sung by Christian Metal Bands are incredibly negative.
Some albums do have negative themes running through them. But most make a clear message of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. And there are many many songs that are extremely positive, extremely open and sing bold songs for the Lord.

Albums to check out........
Omega Highway's album "LOVE"
Stryper's album "IN GOD WE TRUST"

Lyrics to listen to.....
"It's time you realise what He has done for you.
Just open up your eyes and face the truth.
Why don't you realise what God has done for you.
He sent His only Son to die for you."
Sacred Warrior "He Died" from the album "Rebellion"

"And don't ya know that Jesus died for you.
He died for me and there ain't no love
greater than that love"
Omega Highway "No Greater Love" from the album "Love"

"Go into the world and tell all of creation He lives.
He lives in the hearts of men.
He's alive!"
Bloodgood - "The Messiah" from the album "Bloodgood"

"In God we trust, in Him we must believe,
He is the only way.
In God we trust, His son we must receive.
Tomorrow's too late, accept Him today!"
Stryper - "In God We Trust" from the album "In God We Trust"

4. They look like women.
Yes, some of them do. Or used to at least. I for one, wouldn't have long hair because I am not sure on the subject. Many Christian metal bands have answers to this question, but I wouldn't feel comfortable having long hair. Each person is accountable for his or her own actions, so it is between them and God. Someone (who was anti long hair) once said to me "It's interesting that we don't know what is regarded as long or short hair anyway. When does short hair become long hair. Where is the cut off point."
Lots of numetal bands now a days have short hair anyway, so this point is becoming out of date.

5. What's the point when you can't hear the lyrics
On many metal albums it is difficult to hear some of the lyrics. But does that make it wrong? Most albums come with the lyrics on the sleeve so you can read through them as they are being sung. It is interesting to note that some christian hymn programmes on TV put the words up on screen so people can read them and sing along, because there had been complaints that the words weren't sung clear enough to understand.

6. Just look at the band's life styles.
Stryper have come up against strong cristicism in the past for all manner of things. To begin with we have to note that no band is perfect. No band does nothing wrong. No band can go out on stage thinking everything is wonderful. Everyone has things in their lives that they shouldn't have done. I believe that alot of the criticism against Stryper was wrong. Alot of anti rock christians and anti christian rock people layed in to Stryper something cronic.
Strypers "To Hell With The Devil" and "Against The Law" albums received a huge amount of negative publicity because of various things on the cover. All these accusations were untrue, a simple look at the covers will confirm this.......... "The cigarrette ends look like a broken cross" "They have taken God out of the new album" "The symbol one of the guys is holding is satanic........." etc etc etc.
(Incidentally, the symbol was round Satan's neck, not being held by one of the Stryper guys)

7. It's not scriptural to play that sort of music.
I still haven't found a verse to say that this is wrong. It has done a lot of good. Many people who used to like secular metal have moved on to Christian metal, just because they lyrics are more meaningful, more positive and don't swear!! That alone must be a positive thing.
Romans 14 is a good read for both sides of the debate of whether Christian metal is wrong or right, and how we should deal with the whole situation. Because of this chapter I generally keep my music to myself unless I find a like minded person. There is no point in arguing with fellow believers about this issue, as it will not win souls for the Lord, in the end it will just bring division and resentment. I pray that this will never be the case with me. God is much bigger than any kind music. Let's concentrate on the important issues in life.

8. Rock music began as a rebellion.
I don't believe that this is a valued argument for the case against christian rock and metal. Just because a certain group of people didn't like the sound of a new type of music, doesn't make it a rebellion. It must have been alot deeper than that. I would think that the people who were anti rock music at the start felt that way because of the lifestyle and lyrics of the rock artists. As christians our lifestyle should be different and people should be able to spot us a mile off. And the lyrics should be pro christian teachings.

9. Christian rock and metal doesn't preach conviction of sin.
""I've been a fool Lord, can you forgive me for what I have done.

I've been living my life by my own rules. I walked away from your holy son.
Oh God, now I finally realise there's only one thing I can do.
I repent from my sin, set me free once again. Lord myself I present unto you."
Barren Cross - Here I Am

"I could never turn back from where You brought me from.
I am not where I should be, but I', better than where I was.
Why did You show grace that wsa so undeserving?
I may never know but I will give you everything.
Until me dying breath I breathe......
Remembering the first time I gave my life to You.
In the Sea of Forgetfulness You threw my sin into.
Touched me with Your healing hands,
and stole my heart away.
I was still a sinner when You gave You life for me......
Disciple - Remembering


I have always found rock and metal music to be the most enjoyable type of music. I do however, like celtic, country, hymns and 60's style music, so metal is not my only type that I listen to. The words in lots of old style hymns are really good, with deep meaning and heart felt pleas. I just can't get to grips with the style of music on some of them.
I really do not like death metal, doom metal, black metal, or any type of metal with a growly voice. For me I cannot listen to it and enjoy it. It seems hard to worship Christ while singing such songs. BUT, that is just me! For me it doesn't work, but that doesn't mean it won't for everyone.
Guy Ritter, on his first album "One Way" had an simple line in one of the songs "Let me be born again, free from sin". The way he sang it though, with so much emotion, in the style of singing that I can appreciate, turned it into a really moving song. Many people may not like his style of singing (a good degree of it is high pitched) but for me it is ideal.

I just make the comment that we should leave the argument well alone and let it be between God and each person. There's too much hate in the world, and we really don't need any more!



Thank you for reading this. If you REALLY feel strongly about this, you can email me (see bottom of this page) and tell me your opinion. Just do it in love!











Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese. And there are 5 people in my family, so it must be one of them. It's either my mum or my dad. Or my older brother Colin. Or my younger brother Ho-Cha-Chu. But I think it's Colin.
(Tommy Cooper)

"I went to a restaurant that serves "breakfast at any time". So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance."
(Steve Wright)

"I get better looking everyday. I just haven't gotten very far yet"
(Spike - in chat room)

"If I was your wife, I would have put poison in your drink." "Lady, if you were my wife, I would have drunk it"
(Winston Churchill)

"He hasn't changed at all in the last 40 years...... he's always looked old"
(Nigel - work colleague)

"I've had a wonderful evening - but this wasn't it"
(Groucho Marx)

"I find television very educating. When someone turns the TV on I go into the other room and read a book"
(Groucho Marx)

I handed in a script last year and the studio didn't change one word. The word they didn't change was on page 87.
(Steve Martin)

"If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?"
(President Abraham Lincoln!)

"Smoking won't send you to hell, but it'll sure make you smell like you've been there"
(Barry Smith)

"All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been more specific"
(Jane Wagner)

"I installed a skylight in my apartment...The people who live above me are furious."
(Steve Wright)

When my gran was 63 she decided to walk 5 miles a day to keep fit. Now she's 85 and we haven't a clue where she is.












I stand amazed and breathless,
at Your wondrous love and grace.
Gushing down in torrents,
over all the human race.

A grace that's true and perfect,
that comes from the heights above.
A grace that comes to sinners,
and is coupled up with love.

A love that knows no limit,
that's so awesome and sublime.
Much deeper than the oceans,
and outlasting space and time.

Love from the God, eternal,
and His grace do reign supreme.
They're infinite in measure,
like an ever flowing stream.











for a better life

1. Believe In Jesus
2. Love one another
3. Do not judge

That is all I have to say.

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved" John 3 v 16.
"...Love one another. As I have loved you..." John 13 v 34
"Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer..." Romans 14 v 13



















The Mystery Of Seven

Life is chance, a horrid cry.
We strive at best but we then die.
'I am god, as I am man!'
that is what we see! (A plan!).
A world of any deity
is only just a lie, you see.

So the truth that science brings,
proves it is not king of kings!
All it shows is so, so clear;
god, religion? A veneer.
Past fake thought. It's lies, old lies.
Nature is, as god he dies.

Seven; a seven; a seven.

Seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven.
Seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven.

Man now judges! No belief,
held in one god! Get relief,
here in truth, so we do fly.
learn for science is a cry.
Excel in a time of men.
Here we go again.

seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven.
seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven.
seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven; a seven.