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Site History

Fullmetalracket which later turned into thefundaMETAList lasted for about 5 years from about 2000/2001 to 2006.On the 9th February 2006 the site was decreased in size and from then on the site concentrated on Guy Ritter (along with a few other bands. )On the 15th March 2009 the site was updated with a different style, and the name changed to "Silence Is Madness". This was basically to keep the Guy Ritter Mini Site separate from the rest of the more general site.From 1st Jul 2016 the original site www.bbillett.freeserve.co.uk was moved to google as the providers hosting services were closed down.

Site Names...

From 2000ish - 2003 this site was called Fullmetalracketbut I felt the name wasn't very unique, so I changed it.
From 2003 - 2006 this site was called thefundaMETAList
but due to time constraints I had to shrink the site, so I changed the name.
From 2006 - 2009 this site was called Guy Ritter
so I could just consentrate on one topic.
From 2009 - TODAY this site is called Silence Is Madness
as I found I had more time to add things back in to it and make the site bigger.